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If the ozone won't be there, the greenhouses would exist. They were always there.

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Q: Would there be greenhouse gases if the ozone layer didnt exist?
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What would happen if the amount of greenhouse gases were reduced?

If the amount of greenhouse gases were reduced, then the temperature of the earth would cool.

Why would you die with out greenhouse gases?

Without greenhouse gases keeping the planet warm we would all be frozen, yes, and die.

What would be the temperature on the earth with greenhouse gases?

The earth's overall temperature with greenhouse gases is 76442 degrees F.

What are greenhouse gases and what effect do they have on your atmosphere?

Greenhouse gases are what allows life to exist on this planet. They warm the planet by some 20 degrees C. Without these gases we would be very cold and no life would exist. The primary greenhouse gas is water vapor, making up anywhere from 70 to 90% of all greenhouse gas. Second in line is CO2 which makes up 5 to 25% of the greenhouse gas and almost 0.04% of the total atmosphere. Man produces about 5% of this gas, the rest is natural. Other gases include almost any gas with three or more atoms. This does include ozone, which is also vital for life on the planet.

How can you use the term greenhouse gases in a sentence?

The greenhouse gases contribute to the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases are inescapable.

How does the wall of aquarium relate to greenhouse gases?

Since the greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun and prevent it from escaping into space the wall of an aquarium traps the water and prevents it from escaping

Why would increased levels of greenhouse gases contribute to higher temperatures?

Greenhouse gases trap the heat rising fom the earth. Increased levels of greenhouse gases mean that global warming will get worse.

Are greenhouse gases just a theory?

Greenhouse gases do exist and are not just a theory. Scientists have known for hundreds of years that some atmospheric gases (water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane and others) absorb heat rising from the surface of the earth.

What is oxygens role in greenhouse gases?

Oxygen is not a greenhouse gas. It deceases the greenhouse gases.

What gases are not greenhouse gas?

Greenhouse gases must have three atoms, so gases like hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2) are not greenhouse gases.

What causes the greenhouse effect and how does it affect earths atmosphere?

The greenhouse effect is caused by greenhouse gases that absorb infrared rays and thereby keep the earth warmer than it otherwise would be. The greenhouse effect is important to life on earth. Without greenhouse gases, there would be global cooling and life as we know it would no longer be possible. With increased levels of greenhouse gases, there is global warming and undesirable climate change.

How are atmospheric gases like the gases in a greenhouse?

The glass on the greenhouse stops temperature from leaving or entering like the gases do to the earth.The atmospheric gases are called 'greenhouse gases' based on the idea that the gases 'trap' heat like the walls of a greenhouse do