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The badger would win hands down. It has a nasty temper and probably alot stronger than the red panda.

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Q: Would would win fight badger vs red panda?
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Who would win in a fight Panda bear or Kola?


Who would win a fight between a rabid raccoon and a badger?

Both would lose. The raccoon would be killed by the badger but the badger would end up being infected with rabies and die a week or two later.

Who would win a fight Fox from Skunk Fu or Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda describe the fight?

Kung Fu Panda would win the Fight, definetly!

What animal would win a fight between a white tiger and a badger?

a tiger

Who would win in a fight a badger vs honey badger?

Honey Badgers are MUCH bigger as well as stronger. They win food over lion tribes

Are there any ways a honey badger would beat a wolverine in a fight?

Yes. It could bite it and the wolverine would run away scared.

Who would win in a fight to the death on neutral ground a panda bear or a bald eagle?

the bald eagle no panda bear they are fluffy

Will or can a badger kill a dog?

Badgers are very strong. They are also predators. They don't usually hunt dogs as prey, but if they got into a fight, they could kill the dog. Most likely, they would fight if the dog attacked the badger.

Who would win in a fight- Bruce Lee in a panda suit or Myrel Streep with a baseball bat?

Bruce Lee in a panda suit. Bruce Lee would one inch punch him to death.

Who would win a fight between a badger and a donkey?

A cheetah could rip a badger to shreds, but maybe not eat it. Even if the badger starts winning, the cheetah could run away.

If a opossum and badger fought , who would win?


Who would win in a fight between a honey badger and anne Robinson?

It would be a difficult fight, with some tough attacks from both. However after weakening from multiple lacerations Anne would succumb to the honey badger's bites and claws, fainting from blood loss from the arms and neck. Anne had initially failed to land a kick and had a limited effect by responding in the badger's terms through clawing with nails. The end came as the badger reacted particularly badly to Anne Robinson's last desperate bite to its tail, which exposed her neck.