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No, I would not. It is a stalemate at best.


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The politics of the Korean War would be that it would be fought as a LIMITED WAR using only conventional weapons. NO ATOMIC WEAPONS.

Joseph Stalin supported the North Korean attack in South Korea. Without his support there would have been no Korean War, as we know it today. The Korean War was a US-Soviet War fought by proxy. When Stalin died in 1953, the Korean War ended (1953).

It was on the Korean Peninsula. That's why it is called the Korean War.

The Korean War showed that the West would not tolerate invasions and the expansionist policies of the USSR during the "Cold War" .

The Korean War was followed by the Vietnam War.

Conscientious objectors of the Korean War are individuals that would not fight in war due to their convictions. They claimed they had rights to freedom of thoughts and expressions.

The war of the Korean lol

The Korean War was fought to a stalemate.

See Korean War Facts or Korean War Educator.

In 1950 the korean war start and i don't kow where did korean war started. Sorry

the Korean war was before the Vietnam war because it was right after ww2 the Korean war started in 1950

Well we know 30,000 Americans died and and estimate would be 436 Utahns killed in the Korean war.

The Korean War was a conventional war (Limited to non-atomic weapons) that bordered on total war when Red China entered the conflict.

Donal Trump has had no military service in any war. As his present age of 70 he would be about 5 years old at the time of the Korean War.

No, there was no rationing in korean war

The Korean War was NOT in 1960.

The next big war after the Korean War was the Vietnam War.

The Korean War was part of the Cold War.

They were afraid that the advancing UN forces would not stop at the border but follow the fleeing North Korean forces into China, thus invading China.

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