Tropic of Cancer
Tropic of Capricorn

Would you find more seasonal changes between the tropics or north and south of the tropics?


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the second one

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In btween cause North and South is the poles, and like Antarctica and like cold places with penguins and like polar bears!:)

seasonal changes are described climates of a season of a particular place An example of seasonal change would be the flow of sap and budding of trees in Spring, or the falling of leaves in Autumn.

The seasonal changes would be fierce. At the height of summer the sun would circle the sky in ever larger arcs as one approached the tropics, but wouldn't set. The nights, however, would grow very cold.

Depends on what angle it'd be at. Less tilt = less seasonal changes. More tilt = bigger seasonal changes.

They define the tropics. Without any of these lines, the tropics would not exist.

Im pretty sure its North and South but if you dont believe me go ahead and put whatever you want for number 12 i dont even care if you get it wrong so just write North and south because its moving away from the equator

Yes. That and the the fact that the earth revolves around the sun. Those two things. If the earth was not tilted with respect to its obit, there would be no seasonal change.

If there were no tilt then there'd be no seasons. So it has a direct effect.

The changes in the seasons effect it all. If the seasons did not change you would not have spring, winter, summer, and fall.

One would think that as one went to higher latitudes the surface water temperature would decrease and, in general, it does (apart from seasonal fluctuations). However, the ocean's gyres circulate warm water from the tropics to the polar regions so the situation is much more complex in reality.

Coral reefs are all in tropical waters, so they would be warm all the year round, but, yes, they do have seasonal changes.

If the Earth's axis were parallel to the Sun and not tilted, ... North and South Poles, and there would be no seasonal changes on Earth.

That would be the line of zero latitude, often called the 'equator'.

That would be the parallel of zero latitude, also called the 'equator'.

I would choose mid-latitude, as it is the tropics, where the Sun shines directly overhead and there is no autumn and winter. The tropics are located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Both high and low latitude places are near the North and South poles, which means that they are both cold.

no, i got mine in the middle of June and if it was seasonal it would be around Halloween

They are both lines that define the tropics. Without any of them, the tropics would not exist.

Actually, the earth IS tilted on its axis. Earths tilt results in the seasons that we experience. A greater tilt would result in more severe seasonal swings, a lesser tilt would result in colder polar caps and hotter equatorial regions, with less severe seasonal weather changes.

If the earth were not tilted, there would be no seasonal variations, there would be no changes of seasons. The sun would not move and there would be no Winter and Summer Solstice. There would only be Spring and Fall equinox.

Since SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is largely triggered by seasonal changes resulting in less light, it would indeed be good for someone with SAD to move to a sunny place. It would also be good for them to seek professional assistance, as with any psychological issue.

You would be in the tropics, most likely between 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south.

That would be the Tropic of Cancer.

Occur in the middle latitudes, which span between the tropics and the polar regions of Earth. Refer to the climate zone between 35 and 50 north and south latitudes.

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