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Would you know if you were pregnant already if its been 3 months?

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March 02, 2009 2:50PM

You would know if you was pregnant 3 weeks after intercourse. Why have you waited 3 months before performing a pregnancy test? That's ridiculous. Anyway see your doctor for a pregnancy blood test. If you're still getting periods then there is no chance of pregnancy. Actually, did you know you can never be to careful? my mother was pregnant with with me for three months and didnt know it and she still got her period, which is the same as what happened with my grandmother, and my auntie (and a couple of family friends) so basically the point I'm trying to make is everyones bodys are different, any doctor will tell you that, so in the end if your haveing unprotected sex its just better every once in a while to do a pregnancy test just to be certian.