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You would know if you was pregnant 3 weeks after intercourse. Why have you waited 3 months before performing a pregnancy test? That's ridiculous. Anyway see your doctor for a pregnancy blood test. If you're still getting periods then there is no chance of pregnancy. Actually, did you know you can never be to careful? my mother was pregnant with with me for three months and didnt know it and she still got her period, which is the same as what happened with my grandmother, and my auntie (and a couple of family friends) so basically the point I'm trying to make is everyones bodys are different, any doctor will tell you that, so in the end if your haveing unprotected sex its just better every once in a while to do a pregnancy test just to be certian.

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Can a girl that is already two to three months pregnant get pregnant again?

No such thing can happen. Once a gal has been pregnant already 2 to 3 months, her ovulation will stop and will not produce an ovum. Ovum will only be produced after the baby is born. When there are no ovum, they can not be fertilized.

How many months has Miley Cyrus been pregnant?

she is not pregnant the rumor is NOT real at all but if she was it would be so cool what do you think she would name the baby if she was pregnant?

Can you be 103 days late on your period and not be pregnant?

There have been people who haven't had a period for six months and they weren't pregnant and started their period afterwards, but it would be best to take a pregnancy test if you haven't already done so.

My dog is supposed to be pregnant its been 2 or 3 weeks and shes still skinny but her nipples are bigger is she pregnant?

their weeks are like our months. for her, its been like only 2 or 3 months then. think what you would get.....

How many months pregnant is Fergie?

There are no confirmed reports of how far along Fergie is in her pregnancy. The pregnancy was announced in February 2013 which would usually mean that the woman has been carrying the baby for three months already. It would therefore be an educated guess that the baby is due in August.

Would you be pregnant if you didnt had your period for 4 months and you have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms?


How Long Has Kim Kardashian Been Pregnant?

She has only been pregnant for about 3 months as of February

Did beoncye have her baby?

I'm really not sure, but I think she didn't. Think about it...When did she get pregnant? Then count the months from that date, and see if it has been 9 months. If it has been more than 9 months, she definately had the baby! If it has been 8 months, or less, that means she didn't. Soo, you sort of have to do math.When did she get pregnant?How many months has she been pregnant?Do the math.Think about it.

How many months is Mila Kunis pregnant?

As of May 9, she has been pregnant for 6 months; so as of July it's about 8 months.

You think you're pregnant you would be nearly 6 months but been having your periods are you?

Very, very unlikely

Was on the depo shot for 6 months I have been off for 2 months now Ive been having sore breast abdominal and side pain headaches and nasuae Ive been having unprotected sex Could I be pregnant already?

You could be, take a test to be sure.

If I have had many neg urine test and one neg blood test and a normal yearly pelvic when I would have been four months along why am I still paranoid that I am like 8 months pregnant?

You are not eight months pregnant. You are just showing early and quickly. You can have negative blood tests and still be pregnant.

What does it mean if you have not been on your period for 4 months?

you are possibly pregnant

Can you get pregnant if you have been bleeding on and off for 3to5 months?


How long has pink been pregnant?

Right now, Pink/P!nk (Alecia Moore) has been pregnant for 7 months.

If you have already had a miscarriage at 18 will you still be able to get pregnant in the future?

You will probably be able to get pregnant in the future. i had a miscarriage back in february of 2004..i had only been pregnant for about two months. i just turned 19 in december. i am hoping to get pregnant again, and my doctor said i should have no problem conceiving again.

What is the chance of getting pregnant when it has been 4 months since you have your baby took birth control for 2 months then stopped and he pulled out?

You could still get pregnant

If you already got pregnant once is it hard to get pregnant easy?

Having been pregnant once does not make it easier or harder to get pregnant a second time.

Could you be pregnant if you have been off and on the pill for the past three months?

Yes. It is possible for you to be pregnant if you haven't been taking the pill regularly.

What happens if you ejaculate while she is pregnant?

To the last person to answer... I doubt that is why they asked the question to begin with. THINK!!! If she is already pregnant she cannot get pregnant again ... THINK!!! If this were a possibility, then conceivably the woman could get pregnant every time she has sex. Let's assume she (during the pregnancy) has sex everyday for 6 months. At 9 months, and everyday after that for the next 6 months, the woman would deliver another baby? That would be about 360 babies!! (?) Once the ovaries have been fertilized, the growing of the fetus begins, and it is not bioligically possible to become pregnant again until after delivery. I think you need to talk to your parents and have them tell you the story of the "Birds and the Bees" again. However there are rare cases where the baby the woman is pregnant with can get pregnant with another smaller baby. Be careful!

I had a miscarriage and my period already how soon could i get pregnant?

You will have been advied by your doctor to wait 3 months. That gives you the opportunity to heal properly and give your next pregnancy the best chance.

If you got pregnant on 23 July 2006 and received the baby on 5 April 2007 how many weeks were you pregnant?

Yu would ave been pregnant for 8 months 18 days roughly =] Xo Kat

Your guinea pig has been pregnant for about three months and still hasent had them?

She hasn't been pregnant for 3 months - gestation is 64 days. (She will also come into oestrus within a few hours of giving birth)

Can you get mastitis if you have never been pregnant or had children?

YES!!! I have plasma cell mastitis right now for 5 months! I have no kids and never been pregnant!

What age can female cats be de-sexed after being pregnant?

If a cat has already been pregnant and had kittens, you need to wait till her milk has fully dried up before you can have her fixed. And thus, if she has already been pregnant, she is old enough for the operation.