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Depends entirely on the nature of the plastic surgery, and the reasons for wanting it. For the purposes of this question only, I'd like to break the term "plastic surgery" into three categories: * Remedial * Reconstructive * Aesthetic "Remedial" plastic surgery, for instance, might be used to correct a cleft pallate (or "hair lip"). Besides being psychologically damaging, this type of malady has some very serious physiological ramifications. Extreme cleft palettes can interfere with eating, are sources of infection, and prevent talking... I can go on for a while there. And there are quite a few other pathologies that fall into this category. If your daughter is suffering from one of these, heck yeah -- get it fixed -- IF she wants to and knows the whole process. I'd add on a personal note that, while this can be a life-changing gift, you might consider not offering it as a gift any more than you would offer any kind of important medical remedy. Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, which I'm arbitrarily defining as plastic surgery needed after trauma of some kind, is extremely important to the victim psychologically -- so much so that, for instance, California has made it a law that insurance companies who cover patients requiring a masctectomy (removal of one or both breasts) due to cancer, must pay for prosthetics and the reconstruictive surgery to emplant them (of course if the patient so wishes). In these cases, returning to the body image you once had is hugely important psycholoigcally and in terms of self-image. Again, I'd do it but I'd avoid making it a present -- not sure I'd want thanks for this. Aesthetic or Elective Changes. Depends on the change, the aftereffects and the need at all levels for the change. I think I'd base my decisions on the following: "Would this change strongly improve my daughter's quality of life for the good, especially in terms of self-image, and also have few or no serious aftereffects, and a high chance for success?" Simply having your physically unimpeded daughter increase her breast size from "C" to "D" might be unnecessary and even, in the long run, damaging. However, if there's an aesthetic defect your daughter must deal with that truly damages her self esteem, and would be corrected by a minor, safe surgery, I'd certainly consider it. I'd also talk long and hard to the surgeon as well. It's very easy to say that elective plastic surgery is self-indulgent, vain and merely frippery. However, I've seen at least as many people emotionally scarred by aspects of their appearance that could be easily corrected as I have people who were physically scarred in childhood. Be very careful here, then choose the course that will cause the best long-term prognosis.

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What type of plastic surgery removes scars?

The type of plastic surgery that specializes in removing surgical scars would be reconstructive plastic surgery. Reconstructive plastic surgery specializes in returning the body to normal after an accident or damage.

Does every WWE diva have to get plastic surgery?

No why would you think that? Very few of them have every had plastic surgery.

If you had plastic surgery would it be painful?

Plastic surgery can be very painful. The recovery time depends on what type of surgery you had. The biggest thing to remember is yes it is surgery it will hurt and it will suck.

Does health insurance cover implants after a lumpectomy?

Yes, it would cover reconstructive plastic surgery-just not "elective" plastic surgery.

Can doctor of dental medicine perform plastic surgery?

It depends on the doctor's training and where the plastic surgery is to be done. A DDS would be interested in facial plastic surgery. If you are unsure, ask about his qualifications. They do have to pass board exams.

Why not to get plastic surgery?

because plastic surgery in the topic of liposuction results in immense pain and if i had known how painful it would be, i would have never wasted so much money.

Can you be nine to get plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is routinely performed on babies when there is a good medical reason for it.Now, if you mean a nine-year-old that doesn't happen to like their nose, no - no ethical plastic surgeon would perform that surgery.

Are the surgeons for gastric bypass plastic surgery experts in the field?

There are docotrs who are experts in the field of bariatrics. These would be the doctors would be most qualified to perform gastric bypass plastic surgery.

Where can I find a top rated doctor to give me plastic surgery in New Jersey?

Berlet plastic surgery in New Jersey would be a great place to go.They specialize in surgery of the face and body.

What type of doctor performs surgery on eyelids?

You would need to consult a plastic surgeon for this type of surgery.

How much does plastic surgery cost?

The cost of plastic surgery would depend largely on what procedure you are wanting to have done. Another factor that could greatly influence the price would be where you live. Are there many plastic surgeons in your area or is travel required?

Has criss angel had plastic surgery?

NO! he has not , why would you thinkthat. criss angl never had plastic sugery in his life.

Advantages of plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgery is designed for people who not only would like to improve the appearance of their face, breasts, buttocks, and abdomen, but those who require plastic and reconstructive surgeries caused by accidents, genetic defects and other injuries. These are the people who benefit from plastic surgery and consider this as an advantage.

What was the most common form of surgery during this time?

In this day and age the most common type of surgery would probably be plastic surgery.

Did Robert Pattinson had a plastic surgery?


Is there anywhere in Columbus, OH that does plastic surgery?

There are a number of plastic surgeons in Columbus. This gives you the opportunity to find a surgeon that specializes in the specific surgery you would like to have performed.

Is it right maki horikita doing plastic surgery?

what?is that a question to be ask? the question would be "is it maki horikita got plastic surgery?" if that so!..horikita did not get plastic surgery! she did not done a job like plastic surgery? people spreading that kind of issues maybe they are jealous to her beauty! and keep on spreading that issues! and maybe that issue is only on INTERNET RUOMURS!!

Can you be fourteen to get plastic surgery?

Very few Plastic Surgeons will consider pure cosmetic surgery on a fourteen year old. In any event , surgery at that age will require parental consent. If surgery is required to correct a deformity then that would be a different matter.

Why would one get plastic reconstructive surgery?

Plastic reconstructive surgery is done for several reasons. You might have been born with a deformity, you might have been in some type of accident, or perhaps you have been burned someway to have reconstructive surgery.

Did Eric martin from mr big have plastic surgery?

I would have to say yes. Based on his current appearance, as is prominent in videos of their Back to Budokan, 2009, performance, he appears to have had plastic surgery.

Who is the most famous celebrity for undergoing the most plastic surgery?

There are good and bad types of plastic surgery, and plenty of bad stories. The most famous celebrity for plastic surgery would probably be Michael Jackson since he did it so many times to his nose and to other features on his face.

Where is the best place to get plastic surgery in Denver?

There are many places to get plastic surgery in Denver, however I would suggest further research and checking the credentials of anyone before having a procedure done. Dr. Linda Huang is a great plastic surgeon in that are. You can contact her (303) 831-8400. You can also try Grossman Plastic Surgery.

Is my daughters name in the high school graduation announcements?

No your daughter name would not be announced because the graduation is not done in high school but is done in collages or universities so sorry for this.

Where can one find information on the best places for plastic surgery?

To find the best places for plastic surgery would be the yellowpages under physicians for your local area. You can also inquire about them from your family physician.

Did lee taemin shinee had a plastic surgery?

obviously, NO. :) it's just the camera angle that made his nose looks different. AND, why would he go for a plastic surgery? he's already pretty! LOL!