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where? and when? (lol)

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Q: Would you like to go for lunch?
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Is it go to lunch or go for lunch?

Unless your lunch is literally running from you, it is "go to lunch."

What type of sentence is What would you like for lunch?

The sentence, What would you like for lunch, is an interrogatory. It asks a question.

What do you like most on a job?

The lunch break it's the part where you go and eat lunch and you're not working. Hhaha that's the best. :)

When do you go for lunch?

Well, it depends on what school you go to like i think sandy goes to lunch at 2:00 something. So you need to look up your schools website

What does it mean if the guy you like is asked if you and he says why would I at lunch?

He clearly doesn't like you

Is he'd a noun verb or adjective?

The word he'd is a contraction, a shortened form for the pronoun 'he' and the verbs (or auxiliary verb) 'had' or 'would'. The contraction he'd functions in a sentence as the subject and the verb (or auxiliary verb). Examples:He had been in class all morning. Or, He'd been in class all morning.He would like to go to lunch now. Or, He'd like to go to lunch now.

Should kids go to town on lunch time?

No No kids should not go to town during lunch time as there would be heavy traffic congestion and waste of petrol on travelling long distances

How do you ask a girl on a date after going with her to a dance?

After you go with her on a dance. Ask her whether she would like to go on a date. If she says yes that hit the point.

What is the best part of the day for lawyers?

I would probably be their lunch break and time to go home. ;)

How do you ask your ex boyfriend to lunch?

just call him up, start a conversation like how he's doing then simply ask if he's busy on Saturday and if he would like to have lunch to catch up.

What do you do if you like a girl but she does not know me at all and she is not in any of my classes?

when you get the chance go up to her and say hi and if she seems interested the keep talking to her. The best time would be after school or during lunch.

When should you ask him out?

If you are interested in going out with someone, decide where you would like to go, and then find a time that is convenient to talk to him. If this is at work, during your coffee break would be the best time, or just after work. If at school, lunch break would be best.