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There are many reasons to date a person, and many factors that apply to a relationship and it takes more than simply hair color to make a relationship work.

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Who is a person Victoria Justice would date?

she would date fan

If a person was in Born 1944 how old would they be in the year 2009?

If a person was born on any date in 1944, then on the same date in 2009 the person would turn 65.

What would be the youngest person to date if you were 20?

if i was 20 years old the youngest person that would date was a person of 18 years that because at least that person would be mature an knowledgeable and the age difference would not be big so it would be not very noticeable.

Would Niall Horan date someone with blonde hair?

Niall would date a girl with any color hair.

Would Miley Cyrus date a black person?

No she would not!!

Would you date a person for personality or looks?

I would date a person based on their personality to be honest. I mean why would you want to be with someone you don't like, but looks good. Sorry, but SHALLOW!

Can a 80 yr old date a 13 yr old?

As far as I know in most countries that would be illegal. So strictly speaking the answer is no.

Would Justin Bieber date a tan girl with brown eyes and brown hair?

Justin would date ANY color girl

How can you get a date with Emily osment?

Get to know her in person. As a fan a date would be pretty hard to get.

Would Justin Bieber date a good liar?

No person would want to date a liar, or a good liar. If a person lies, and habitually lies, they cannot be trusted.

Could you date greyson chance?

Greyson said on an interview that he would rather date a fan I think. But he would date another famous person if he could I would think.

Would Niall Horan date a brown person?


Would a Jonas brother date a women of color?

If they are sensible they would date people on their personalities not their physical looks But they might have a certain type Maybe, maybe not

Does Miranda Cosgrove date black people?

Of course she would! Miranda Cosgrove is not racist, and besides, if she was she shouldn't be basing who she would date just because of their color.

Does Cody Simpson only date famous people?

Yes but he would date a non famous person to

Would Justin Bieber go out with a brown chick?

Well he said that he would date a fan but he never said anything about what color skin... He Said He Would Date Anyone He Fell In Love With...So I'm Pretty Sure It Wouldn't Matter What Skin Color You Have :)

Would any one from one direction date a 11 year old?

I dose depends on what the person is like so it just depends on the person u are and would they date someone like that

What kind of girls does Bill Kaulitz date?

He doesn't date but if he did she would be pretty and happy and spontaneous. Hair color etc does not matter.

Would bill kaulitz date a famous person?

Yes, he has said that would be easier then a ordinary person because they would be used to all the attention.

How old are you if you were born in 1965 and its 2013?

You would be 47 or 48 years old depending on what month and day they were born. The person would be 48 if the birthday is before the date at the time, the person would be 47 if the birthday is after the date at the time.

Would Miranda Cosgrove date a non rich person?

Yes she will.

Would Demi Lovato date a black person?

its her choice who she dates

If you are not allowed to date the person you are in love with would you still talk to them?


Would Kevin Jonas Date a person 7 years younger than him?

no but joe would

Would Adam Lambert date a black person?

yes,he would because he is definitely not racist