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If you're pregnant your period will not come down.

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Q: Would you period come down i your pregnant?
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Can you make your period come down?

What do you mean by come down?

Can you come on your period while your pregnant?

No - it's biologically impossible to menstruate while you are pregnant as the body prevents ovulation and prevents the break-down in uterus lining as it is needed to supprot the foetus.

When period is not coming is you are pregnant?

If your period is 5 weeks late will humphreys#11 work to bring my period down

Your period is due on July 12 and it came down on July 16 you have a chance of getting pregnant?

You ARE pregnant

When do you come on your period after you have had a miscarriage?

when i had a miscarriage it was the first time i had bein pregnant. i was about 7-10 weeks pregnant an i was bleeding for 11 days when i lost the baby. then everything had calmed down an 4days later i had a 7 day bleed (PERIOD). an 5 weeks on an no period im still unsure wen im going to come on ... could some body help...

Does a longer period mean you are pregnant?

If you're menstruating then you're not pregnant.Menstruation is what happens if you don't get pregnant, when the egg is not fertilized the uterus lining breaks down so it can start a fresh next cycle in case you get pregnant next cycle. If you were pregnant ovulation and menstruation would be suppressed, bleeding could also mean the uterus lining wasn't going to support the fertilized egg and thus you would potentially miscarry.Chances are a longer period is just a long period, they happen sometimes.

What are those big red blood clots that come down on your period?

What are those big dark red blood clots that come down on your period

When does a woman begin developing eggs after her period?

Eggs are not actually developed. They are always there in your ovaries, they just don't come down until after your period. They begin to come down soon after your period stops.

Why you have brown discharge instead of period?

Because once you start your period you are able to become pregnant. So when you are pregnant you are not supposed to bleed down there or you need to contact some one.

When you have blood coming down and your period passed weeks ago is that a miscarriage?

If you're not pregnant, then no. It is not a miscarriage. Your period is just screwing up.

If pregnant how long will it take for your period tp stop?

If you have sex while on your period, It won't stop. It takes your body time to acknoledge your pregnant. You may slow down to spotting. If you are pregnant, your next month's cycle will not be appearing. Although I spotted one day around the time I should of got my period when I was pregnant with my second son. A little spotting is normal, although I would suggest talking with a ob-gyn. I hope this was helpful.

Why do women get discharge before their period?

to prepare for the egg to come down

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