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Q: Would you say Priest's party or Priests party?
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How do you say priests in spanish?

You would call them "padres".

Are Catholics fooled by priests?

The question is loaded, and it would be fair to say that the majority of priests have no intention of fooling their congregation, but yes, there must be a small number of priests who fool Catholics.

What do you call a greek preecher?

In the Orthodox Church, they are called priests. You would say "papas."

How do you say prayer for priests in latin?

prayer for priests = Oratio pro sacerdotes

How do you say the big party in Spanish?

The big party would be "El fiesta grande" in Spanish.

What are good sweet 16 party ideas for an outdoor girl?

I would say a swimming pool party!

Was the republican party in power during the new deal?

I would say no.

If Tom and Dick threw a party it would be Tom and Dick's party if Harry and I threw a party would it be Harry and my party or Harry's and my party?

me and harrys party i think Tom & Dick's party Harry's and my party. Those are technically the proper terms, but I personally would not give a party, which is an event, a possessive form. I would say "a party for Tom & Harry," or for whom or what the party is thrown, or "a party that Tom, Harry, and/or I threw for [person or event/occasion."

How did the priests of sumer support the kings?

The Priests of Sumer had been kings before, until city-states conflicts arose and the way Sumer ruled changed. So Priests had power like knowing what the gods would say so kings needed their help and knowledge.

When was You Say Party created?

You Say Party was created in 2004.

When did You Say Party end?

You Say Party ended in 2011.

How to say Private Party in Spanish?

That would be something like "reunion privada"

What is the average size of football party?

i would say about 4-8 people.

Where in the Bible did Jesus say women cannot be priests?

in eragon

Are Catholic priests required to say Mass daily?

Catholic priests are not required to say Mass daily.

What is a one-party system?

The worst idea ever. In a one party system of government the people would only have one party to choose from. Say like if there were no republicans and only democrats ran for office, that would be a one party system.

How do you say welcome to the dudley's party in Portuguese?

"Welcome to Dudley's party" would be "Bem vindos, ao festa de Dudley"

What did Jesus say the priests had turned his house of prayer into?

A den of thieves

Can nuns say Mass?

No, only priests and bishops can celebrate the Mass

How many times in the Bible does it say not to get a tattoo even for priests?


Say it's your girlfriends birthday and her ex is going to be there would you go to her party or not?

Sure. I would want to be there for my girl.

How do you say party in Portuguese?

Party: Festa

How do you say party in polish?

party = przyjęcie

What does Tybalt say to Romeo at the party?

He doesn't say anything to Romeo at the party.

Where do priests live and study?

Roman Catholic AnswerMost diocesan priests live in a rectory, friars would live in a friary, monastic priests (monks) live in a monastery. Those studying to be priests study in the seminary.