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Q: Write 5 sentences using much class 3rd?
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Make sentences using the words as much as?

examples sentences start with each

Can you give me 10 sentences with count nouns?

You can create 10 sentences with count nouns by using the words many bottles, few bottles, and a few bottles in different sentences. When using count nouns they can be preceded by much.

Samples of sentences using the word obstinate?

He is so obstinate about his ideas. We are not that much Obstinate.

How many sentences are in paragraph in a letter?

What ever class you are in? You must try to have 5-6 sentences to make a paragraph.

Can you make a sentences using the letter b as much as possible?

hi, heloo ,,, how are u ?? can i see u

How do you use arrogant in a sentences?

Arrogant is an adjective that portrays someone who has an exaggerated opinion of his own importance,merits and abilities. The arrogant man thought he could win the race without any practice.

Write a sentence with the word enjoyment?

Here are three sentences using the word 'enjoyment': "Lisa falling over was much to Laura's enjoyment." "I take great enjoyment in learning new French vocabulary." "Jude bought a kite for her daughter's enjoyment."

Can you give me a sentences using the word irritate?

Beach sand can irritate your skin. Too much sun can irritate your skin.

How much weight can you send using first class stamp?

One ounce

What are some sentences using rhythm using a semicolon?

He's got so much rhythm; he could be a drummer! His tap dancing is very good; he has got rhythm.

How much is a First-Class Stamp?

My office is changing systems from a weight based postage to using First-Class Stamps. How much does a set of First-Class Stamps cost and is there any discount for purchasing in bulk?

Can you write a sentence using the word willingness?

I don't have much willingness to answer this question.