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Q: Writing a novel is a very personal form of storytelling because writers want to what?
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Why is writing a novel a very personal form of storytelling to writers?

Because they want to make a statement about themselves and society.

How is scribe and hieroglyph linked together?

because they are writing and writers

Why would you be a writer?

Writers write because they love writing.

What effect is created when writers form a compound sentence that begins with an incomplete clause?

The narrative seems more personal.

Is it common for people to begin a writing career after they have been influenced by friends and professional writers or would it just have come naturally?

Some writers start writing after meeting other writers. Some writers start writing at a very early age and keep going. Some writers start writing when they get paid to write. Whenever you start writing - however you start writing - good for you!

Modernist literature focuses on the thoughts and feelings of the writer because?

Because the writers know best the content of their writing.

Why do writers use appositives and appositive phrases in their writing?

because ke$ha said so

What is writing that comes from a writers imagination and is about the life of a person?

Fiction writing comes from writers' imagination.

What is the use of becoming a writer no offense writers?

If you don't enjoy writing, there is no use at all in you trying to become a writer! People become writers because they like it.

What is a writing convention?

A writing convention is a standard or agreed-upon way of writing that is commonly accepted in a particular language or field. It includes rules for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting that help to ensure clarity and consistency in written communication. Following writing conventions helps to make your writing more professional and easier to understand.

Why should writers use active voices as much as they can?

Attempt 1 of 2 (2 points possible) Multiple Choice: Please select the best answer and click "submit." Why should writers use active voice as much as they can? A. Because writers should know the performer of actions B. Because it makes the writing powerful and interesting C. Because writers should not show the receiver of actions D. Because it makes the writing challenging for the reader The answer is B (apex) D

Why do you want to be a writer?

I am passionate about storytelling and connecting with others through written words. Writing allows me to express myself creatively, share my perspectives, and hopefully make a positive impact on my readers' lives.