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Jeff Nero Hardy is his real name

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Q: Wwe what is Jeff hardys real name?
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What is WWE superstar Jeff hardys real name?

His real name is Jeff Hardy

What is WWE Jeff hardys finsher?

Jeff Hardys Finisher is the swonton bomb and twist of fate

What is the name of WWE superstar Jeff hardys old music on iTunes?


What is Jeff hardys nick names in WWE?

these were Jeff hardys nicknames in wrestlingMean Jimmy JackJeff Hardy*Jeff HarveyWillow the WhispWolverineGalaxionGladiatorThe Iceman- the name the person goes by.

What is the name of Jeff hardys entrence song on WWE?

It is called "No more Words" By Everendafter

What is Jeff hardys full name?

if you mean the wwe guy his full name is Jeffrey Nero Hardy

What was WWE Jeff hardys first match?

Jeff sucks u suck

Where can you download Jeff Hardys theme music from wwe?

download limewire

What is Jeff hardys moms name?

Wwe's Jeff Hardy's moms name is Rudy Moore Hardy she had died from brain cancer in 1986 when Jeff was 9 and Matt was 12.

Who sings Jeff hardys entrance?

WWE is Endeverafter and TNA is himself and his band.

Where is the WWE European title?

vacanted,last time it was won it was Jeff hardys

Are the hardys your favorite wrestlers?

They rock but Jeff hardy was suspended from the wwe forever

Is Jeff hardys WWE song on WWE songs on itunes?

no type wwe the music vol 8 it will be one of the tracks

Jeff Hardy WWE song?

in tna Jeff hardys theme song was modest by the band peroxwhy? the wwe,his theme song is no more words by the way,the band peroxwhy?gen is totally Jeff hardys band,he is the lead singer!!!

What is WWE Jeff Hardys phone number right now?

Sorry private information

What is Jeff hardys religion?

Jeff Hardy is a former professional wrestler in the WWE. His religion is thought to be Christian. He is from North Carolina.

What is the real name of WWE superstar Jeff Hardy?

His real name is Jeffery Nero Hardy

What are some WWE Headquarters Staff email addresses?

Jeff hardys email is

Who is the artist that made the WWE entrance music for Jeff Hardy?

Jeff Hardys new entrance music is ' No More Words ' by EndeverafteR.

Who sings Jeff hardys entrance song?

His old WWE theme was performed by Endeverafter. Jeff's TNA theme's all feature Jeff himself on vocals.

Which wwe diva was Jeff hardys girlfriend?

Jeff Hardy is not dating a WWE Diva. Their have been on-screen relationships with WWE divas but nothing more than that. He has been dating Beth Britt since 1999.

What is Matt Hardy's WWE symbol?

Matt Hardys symbol is the icon that he and his brother Jeff had created the symbol is two H's to represent the two of them being the hardys together

Does the hardys hate each other?

not in real life. Like he said, in real life no but in WWE yes, they do.

Whats Jeff hardys entrance song called?

in wwe it was called no more words in tna it was called modest

Who is the creator of the song no more words?

endeverafter sings wwe star Jeff hardys theme no more words