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The Yale metal door push bar is locked by pushing the twin spindle from left to right.

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Q: Yale metal door push bar how is it locked?
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Open the fuel door on Mercedes sl 500?

Fuel door is locked when car locked, push on the forward part of door, the aft side will pop out.

How do you open gas tank door on 1995 Mercedes C280?

You just push on it to open it. If the car is locked, the gas door will be locked also. The car needs to be unlocked in order to open the gas filler door.

How do you lock the doors on a LS460 if the car battery is dead?

Push all the door locks down manually and then lock the drivers door with your key if it will not stay locked when you push the lock down and shut the door.

How do you open the fuel door on a 2007 c230?

There's no fuel unlock switch/button. As long as the doors are unlocked you simply push in on the right side of the fuel door. When the doors are locked the fuel door is locked too.

How do you use the crow bar?

you use the crowbar to push out the rock in vanpires curse and unlock the locked door

Where is the fuel tank latch on a 2009 Acura TSX?

There is none. Here's how you open the fuel door: Make sure that the driver's door is unlocked. With the driver's door locked, the fuel fill door is also locked. Outside of the vehicle, push on the right side edge of the fuel fill door in the middle.

Can rodents open doors?

If the door is not locked or shut by a latch. They can push it open with their paws, but normally they wouldn't try.

How do you open gastank of VW Golf?


How do you get your keys out of your locked 95 Pontiac Bonneville?

I had this happen to me. Try to get a wire hanger thru where the front door starts to angle down toward the windshield and use it to push the door unlock button

Zwinky unlock clothes?

get on your wardrobe and then click a locked item and the push F5. get on your wardrobe and then click a locked item and the push F5.

How do you open a locked driver's side door on a Chevy Venture when you push the electronic button and they won't unlock and the key does not work either?

If you have power door locks push a wedge into the top corner of the door - two screw drivers work great or a tapered block of wood. At the top, back corner of your drivers door, you want to wedge it open so that you can wiggle a coat hanger down from the top of the door into the van. You want to use the coat hanger to push the "unlock" buuton. Don't worry about wrecking the door - you won't. You only need to wedge it about 1/2" or so (at the back). Once the door is wedged, use the coat hanger to push the unlock button. After your kids or wife has locked the keys in the van for the 12th time you should be able to break into your van in the same amount of time it will take to open the door if you had just used your keys. Locksmith or slim Jim it maybe the accuator in the door if none of the will unlock sounds lie a fuse or something else electrical. Could be that the child safety locks are on (rear passenger doors.) Got locked out of my van, and couldn't open the doors even though I could reach through the window and push the lock button in front. Finally figured out that the passenger door had been locked from the inside before the door was closed. I managed to reach in and unlock the door (will set off alarm!) and find the keys.

How do you unlock door on a 2002 Jaguar xk8?

I assume you mean from inside the car. The inner door handle has three positions. If you push it in the door is locked. This also electrically triggers the passenger door to lock. Pulling it out slightly unlocks the doors, and pulling it out all of the way opens the doors.