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I can teach you.

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Q: Yo le puede ensenar mean in Spanish?
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How do you say i cant see you in spanish?

Formal is: Yo no puede veo Usted. Informal is: Yo no puede veo tu.

What does the word aquamarine mean in Spanish?

Aguamarina. Yo soy español lo siento no se puede leer esto.

What does yo como que puede say in spanish?

you meant:Yo como que pude --- I could more or less.

How can you say but in spanish?

That depends on the meaning. Here are two examples: I wanted to do that, but I couldn't: Quise hacerlo, pero no pude. Or: Quise hacerlo, mas no pude. Nobody but me can do that: Nadie excepto yo puede hacerlo. Or: Nadie sino yo puede hacerlo.

What does yo no mean in spanish?

Yo, no or no yo could mean "Not me" or "I haven't/I didn't"

How do you can not in Spanish?

If the question is: How do you say "cant" in Spanish? The answer is it depends. Poder (Power to/Ability to) is used as "can" in spanish. Adding "No" to the sentence makes it "No can" I can't. (Yo) No Puedo. I can. (Yo) Puedo. Yo (I) is not really needed in this case since it is part of the conjugation for Poder. He/she/it can't - no puede They can't = no pueden We can't = no podemos

What does a lquien soy yo mean?

Debió ser "a quien soy yo / al que yo soy". Sin más contexto no se puede dar una traducción.

Yo no mean in spanish?

i no

What does this mean por que yo siempre quiero lo que no puede tener?

because I always want what you can not

What does yo mean in spanish conjugated?

The word yo in Spanish refers to I, meaning me. When conjugated, yo becomes ver.

What does i am mean in Spanish?

"Yo Soy..."

What does Yo savia mean in spanish?

Yo sabía means "I knew".