You are 13 and you boyfriend got you pregnant can you live with your boyfriend?


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No you are a minor and not an adult even though you will be a mother. Your parents are responsible for you and now your baby.


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wait wait wait to the questioner you better not be pregnate at 13 and no you can not you must be at least 16 no younger.

Katie was 13 when she got her first boyfriend.

no it is not right because yhan you might become pregnet again

yes Because My stepsister got pregnant when she was 13 so u can 2

Taylor swift was 12 when she got her first boyfriend his name was fabio and he was 13 at the time

You are pregnant for about nine months so, you probably got pregnant somewhere about December 13 2010.

Depends on the state/or province you live in. I got my lip done at 13 Depends on the state/or province you live in. I got my lip done at 13

Uh uh. There was a girl at my middle school that did that and she got pregnant, and she was ruined. No one wanted to be near her and she eventually moved away.

Then you have a boyfriend when you're 13.

You're 13, you don't need a boyfriend.

in the state of texas, i forgot to add that. Well....I don't live in America, but as far as I know, because you're both under the age of consent then no, it wouldn't be. Good luck with the baby if you keep it :D:D xx

First, you need to find out if the condom has broken during sex and if so then there is a possibility but if the condom was use correctly and it was completely self sex then I think that your not pregnant but you or your boyfriend can purchase a home pregnancy test to be sure.

Yes i certainly got a positive exactly 13 days after sex no other possible time before i couldve gotten pregnant

It depends where you live. All countries have different legislation.

No because im almost 13 and just got my first boyfriend like a week ago so dont freak

my friend is 13 and works there.. i live in aus brisbane

That's too young to have a boyfriend at the age of 10 wait till you're 13 at least. Way to young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same thing as i said!!!

Yes u can. I have gotten pregnant a wk later with my first born. I lost a baby n 9/13/02 n got pregnant that same mth. Had my baby on 6/25/03.

depends if u have had it and got ur period it too young tho

i am 13 and pregnant what shall i do ?

Yes.Just because she is pregnant she didn't become a adult or got a job did she? The father of her child has to pay child support for his child and you for yours.

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