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You are 13 and you weight 100 pounds and you are 5'1'' is that a normal weight?


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sounds a lil sister is 13/5'1 and 105 and she is rlly healthy and a cheerleader

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It depends on what your frame is. If you have a small, skinny frame, then yes, it is normal. If you have a taller frame, the ideal weight is between 110-120.

You should weight around 100 pounds. That is normal for a child like you.

Talk to your doctor they can give you the range for your height and weight!! See the Related Link for "height/weight chart" to the bottom for the answer.

yes, i am 13 years old 6ft and 175 pounds, i am not overweight so being 135 pounds is normal/skinny.

if you are just 5 feet then you are underweight but if you are 5 feet 11 inches then you are a healthy weight

A normal, healthy weight for a 13 year old averaged sized person should be in range from 105 pounds to 120 pounds.

yup its fine that's how much i weigh too me too no its not about 100 to 125 is a healthy weight

when i was 13 and 5'8 i was 110 pounds,,it was i guest the average weight is between 90 to 115 pounds

The normal weight would be 110 pounds

The average weight for a boy that is 5'4 and is 13 years is old is 80 to 100 pounds.

Yes, that weight at 5 feet 7 inches tall is actually obese. The normal weight range you should be in is 121 pounds up to 153 pounds.

What's wrong with that? I'm 16 yrs, 5'4" and 100 lbs and I don't have any sort of eating disorder or height problems...I think your about average.

for an adult it is 100 pounds.... but since you are only 13 80-100 pounds would be healthy and maybe a little more if you are overly developed. the MOST ideal weight is 94 pounds [chose by people]

no, this is perfectly normal for a child your age. no, this is perfectly normal for a child your age.

There is no good weight for a 13 year old. But the normal weight is 130-150 pounds

about 100 pounds depending on your body type and height

100-120 pounds. Though it is not politically correct due to different heights and weights and body shapes. The taller you are, the more normal it is to weight more.

maybe not normal but your not overweight. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS NORMAL. BE CONFIDENT. YOUR BEAUTIFUL!

A weight of 110 lbs to 140 lbs is in the normal range for a female who is 5'3" based on a healthy normal BMI. person who asked:: im 97 pounds, is that bad? For a 13 year old girl, that is healthy. The average weight is 99 pounds.

A "stone" is an old measure of weight that is still in use in the UK today. 1 stone = 14 pounds (abbreviated to lbs.). That's about 6.35 kilograms. So 13 stone = 13 X 14 pounds = 182 pounds. Sounds like a pretty normal weight to me.

If you mean 5'3, then its about normal weight, but it is a bit underweight try gaining 10 pounds or so. That would be a great body weight. but you're still have healthy weight for a 13 yrs.

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