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you are probably a perv

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How old is an average 11 year old girl?

11 years old....

You are 11 years old and you want a girl to fall in love with you she is 11 years old too?

Well, I guess you can't make her fall in love with you. Love is something which just happens. But since I am a girl I can say most people fall for sweet scents, good locks and a good personality. (: goodluck.. xox

Is it okay if an 11 year old girl has a huge crush on a 13 year old boy?

yes it's o.k. to have a huge crush on a 13 years old if your 11 years old cause when it comes to love it's love but when it comes to age it does not matter all that matter is the love you have with the boy and you !!! Love:Fefecora39

Can an 11 year old girl be in love?

of course. there is no age on love

Do jadan smith like thick girls and 11 years old girls?

Why just a eleven year old girl do jadan smith love a twelve year old girl

Can a 11 year old girl be in love with a 13 year old guy?

Yes, an 11 year old can be in "love" with a 13 year old because there is no age to fall in "love".

How does an 11 year old girl get a 11 year old boy to kiss her?

Your too young to fall in love

Does Daddy Yankee have children?

yes,he has 3. Yamilette is a girl who is 13 years old, Jessealys is a girl who is 11 years old and Jermey is a boy who is 9 years old.

How do you ask out a 11 years boy if your an older 11 years girl?

Don't. If you are 7 years old you are too young

What is mythology meaning of the name?

That means that Jessica Forsyth these is the one that I love her so much Im a girl and I'm 11 years old

Will Niall Horan a girl that is a 11 years old?

Probably not.

Would niall go out with a girl who is 11 years old?


Can you be in love at 11 i am i am just 11 years old but no i rely do love her i never felt like this before?

Yes you Can be in love.. I am 11 to and I am in love:) it is a nice feeling<3

How do you make a 11yr old girl fall in love whit you?

Well, 11 years old is a very young age to truly understand love. You cannot force someone to love you if they don't feel that way. You can express your love toward her but if the girl doesn't feel it back you cannot force that feeling.

How much should a girl weigh 4'8 and 11 years old?

Average weight for an 11 year old girl is 24 to 66 kgs.

How old was Taylor dooley when she was in shark boy and lava girl?

she was 11 years old

Is it to young for a 11 year old girl to be in love?

yes........ take your time

How do you get a girl friend at 11 years old if shes black?

I'm an 11 year old girl. How am I supposed to know? I'm guessing just ask her.

What is the best height for 11 years old girl?

EXACTLY the height you are.

What is the normal height for a girl that's 11 years old?


Would prodigy date a girl that's 11 years old?


Does Jake t know any 11 years old girl?


Is 54 kg fat for a 11 years old girl?


What is Grace's age in the American girl movie?

11 years old

How much schould a 11 years old girl weigh?

about 90 pounds for a 5"11 girl it all depends how tall you are