You are 20 your penis is 5 inch are you normal?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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The national average erect penis length is 5 1/2 inches, so you are about as normal as you can get.

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Q: You are 20 your penis is 5 inch are you normal?
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Is it normal for a 15year old boy to have a 5 inch penis?


Would a 5 inch penis for a 54 year old be average size or small?

A 5" penis is perfectly normal.

Is it a normal size with a 5 inch long penis at age 32?

Its about average size.

Is 5 inches penis with inch and quarter thickness is normal?

This is an average size penis for teens ages 12 - 16

Your penis is a little over 6 inch is that normal?

Average for a adult is 5-6 inches.

Is is normal to have a 9 inch long 5 inch thick flacid penis?

Penis size can vary greatly among individuals, and what is considered "normal" can differ. However, a flaccid penis that is 9 inches long and 5 inches thick would be considered larger than average. It's important to remember that penis size does not determine someone's worth or sexual performance.

I only have a 5 inch penis and im starting puberty will you get larger?

Hi, It's difficult to say. Your penis may get larger but it really depends on how quickly you develop. Your size penis is normal.

Should you see a doctor if you are 19 and have a 5 inch erection only?

No that is perfectly normal. The average penis size for an adult is 5-6 inches erect. You could still grow a little more before you reach 20.

What is the length of penis of sharukh khan?


Can you satisfy a women by a 5 inch penis?

A man can satisfy women with a 5 inch penis.

Is a 5 inche penis hard normal at the age 14?

Hey, you are only fourteen don't worry about how big it is just learn to spell - penis, inch - (and other words of course).

Why cant a 20 inch penis fit all the waay in a girl?

LMFAO:') and because a vagina is only about 5/6 inches:L