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no it is not normal.

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Q: You are 26 weeks pregnant and are having what feels like period pains is this normal?
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In early pregnancy can you be having your period symptoms but not your period?

im a month pregnant yes you can be pregnant and have your period symptoms but its not your period. when my period would come on i would have cramping and lower back pain. now that i am pregnant it feels the same way but a little more tense and i cant stand it

You haven't had my period in over a month and I'm having abdominal pains that feels like bloating Are you pregnant?

Take a test

If your girlfriend feels bad from the stomach and shes not pregnant what is it?

she is probably on her period

You have not got your period your stomch hurts and it feels bigger?

You could be pregnant.

You're 6 weeks pregnant and having cramping on and off throughout the day and night that feels like constipation but you're not constipated Is this normal?

Not normal, but not uncommon, it is probably your bowels being pushed aside by your growing uterus.

When a hematoma is leaving the womb when pregnant is cramping normal?

I currently have a hematoma in the womb which is very large. I have lots of cramping and pain and it feels alot like bad period pains most of the time.

Could you be pregnant This is exactly 4 weeks after your last menstruation and you are bleeding it's lighter and it's little but it feels like your normal menstruation husband feels it's abnormal.?

If you feel it's normal I think your husband is wishful thinking. I doubt if you are pregnant.

Is it normal to have a sore back that feels hot like it is being stretched with stomach pains every so often if you are six weeks pregnant and have been having the pain for two weeks?

You need to go to the doctor. I wish you luck.

How can you tell whether you have your period or when your pregnant?

Mostly signs of a period and pregnancy are similar but there are more signs to pregnancy. If you have your periods you'd experience: cramps, headaches, sometimes nausea and/or diarrhea, headaches, mood swings and when you are pregnant you'd experience: dizziness for some women, exhaustion, your abdomen feels hard like a ball as if blotted, and a need to pee more often than normal.

The implant in my arm feels bent and having slight pain can you still get pregnant?

i have explanon implant in my arm feels bent when ifeel each side it bends and feels as though its gona snap u can acturally feel a bent in the rod could i still get pregnant have been feeling sick and headakes

In what stage will a pregnant woman feel normal?

So far I don't think there is a time that a pregnant woman actually feels 'normal' our bodies are consitently changing and adapting to the new person growing inside us. So I think you don't quite feel 'normal' until after the baby is born.

Is my girlfriend being paranoid that she is pregnant?

She is your girl friend. Many girl friends think that they may be pregnant at any given time. It should be considered as more or less normal response. birth control methods do fail occasionally. Such occasions may come few times in everybody's life. If she feels being pregnant without having sexual relation, then she may be considered as psychotic.