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Chances are pretty soon. Maybe within the next few days. If you dont go into labour then they may have to induce you to speed things up otherwise infection could get to the baby.


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because your cervix is thinning out in preparation for labor

True labor will not usually stop. Labor that stops is, by definition, false labor. False labor is common, especially in a second or third (or fourth, etc.) pregnancy. These contractions, however, are useful in that they help prepare the cervix for labor by softening it, thinning it out, and dilating it. First time moms often begin labor with a long, closed and thick cervix; women who've had a baby before will usually have a softened, somewhat dilated cervix when they start. It's hard to predict when any woman will go into labor. Contractions may be off and on for days before real labor begins. Eat, stay hydrated, and get as much rest as you can until it does.

A cervix that is long thick and closed or admits only a fingertip

No, it is not necessarily bad. As long as it is long and thick, that's very good. Your cervix will change daily during pregnancy and can take months to thin down enough to start dialating.

have you contacted your obstetrician? That's the FIRST thing I would do if I was experiencing this kennasmom07: --> well they said that i was fine the other day but before i started bleeding a bit, but i was dilated to 2 externally Tuesday night. but cervix was still thick..

No. The cervix (Latin neck) is the passageway from the vagina (outer chamber) to the uterus, where the fetus grows after conception. The viscosity of mucus in the cervix determines the passage of sperm. Immediately after menstruation, it is too thick for sperm to travel through. During pregnancy, the cervix is blocked by a thick mucosal plug.

during pregnancy your cervix is usually 4cm or 40 mm whatever your using to measure. Not sure if its different while your not pregnant

They say having sex helps , a lot of walking helps. you can talk to your Dr. he/she can set up a date to induce.

i had some fluid leak at 32 weeks and went to hospital. the doc said my cervix was long and soft. a soft cervix does not mean labour is on the way, sorry to disappoint!! i am now 35 weeks and baby still in there! unfortunately all labours vary, some women can dilate very quickly and others could take over a week! with my first (this is my second) i had no symptoms on the day, by late night i had some backache, after an hour of back pain i was taken to hospital and told i was fully dilated! i was 37 weeks. my friend was 1cm dilated for 3 days and her entire labour lasted over a week, dilating slowly and painfully everyday or so. with my second baby tho, the head descended quite painfully at 30 weeks and i have been 3/5 engaged since then with a soft and long cervix. this means the cervix is thick - no sign of labour or dilation. walking definitely helps baby move down and ease your labour pains as well as occupy you in labour. sex is also a great way to help baby descend further, the semen ripens the cervix and helps dilation and your own orgasm helps encourage baby to move down. Castor oil is meant to help but can give you the runs and may pass through the placenta so imagine what it does to baby. in my opinion, curry, pineapple and raspberry tea are old wives tails!!

that's a sign that you have AIDS and syphallis

Yes this is normal. There is a thick mucous plug in your cervix while you are pregnant. A few days or weeks before you deliver, as your cervix softens and you begin to dilate, this jelly like plug will fall out.

I'd say likely that menstruation is ready to begin (lining is thick and ready to shed).

During pregnancy the entrance to the uterus, the cervix, is sealed by a thick mucous plug, which helps to protect the contents of the uterus from any infection.

Response 1: You should not be attempting to feel your cervix at any time during pregnancy. Please leave this to your physician to do--if you were to use too much pressure or attempt to insert anything into your vagina, you might end up doing damage to your unborn baby. Until the very end stages of pregnancy, the cervix is thick and closed, and about all you can feel or see is the very outside of the opening (called the os) where the baby will eventually come out of. There is no reason the cervix should be felt, unless there are complications, after your initial OB visit, until you are close to your due date (usually about a month from it is when most physicians will start checking to see if you have dilated).Response 2: I think the reality is, never insert anything dirty or sharp into the vagina. Common sense everyone. Unless you already know that you have some sort of problem that would prohibit self examination or sex during pregnancy, please go somewhere else for the proper research and answer to this question, which was valid, important, and completely natural for a woman who wanted to know. There are many amazing websites out there that show pictures of the cervix and provide accurate and interesting information. You can feel your cervix.

Human females have a uterus, cervix, and vagina. The egg comes down the fallopian tube from the ovary, meets the sperm at a point in the uterus. If the egg fertilizes, it implants in the wall of the uterus so the egg can get nutrients from the mother. The egg continues to grow into a fetus for usually 36-38 weeks. Some babies come earlier; some come later; some must be assisted to be born.Labor is the word used to describe a period of time during which the mother experiences contractions. In a natural, uncomplicated labor, the contractions continue to get stronger and the baby's head is pressing on the cervix. Usually, the cervix has only a tiny opening and is thick and firm. Labor and changes in hormones makes the cervix open and get very thin and soft. As the cervix thins, softens, and stretches, the baby's head can push through.The mother pushes during the last part of labor to help push the baby out. The baby comes down the vagina to the outside.At no time is a baby in the rectum or anus (butt). The rectum is inside, just like the vagina is inside; the anus is the name for the outside opening of the rectum. There is a wall between the rectum where bowel movements come through to the anus (and to the outside), and the vagina where sex can occur and where babies pass through to the outside.I'm not as familiar with non-human species, but all female mammals have a uterus and a vagina-like opening for babies to be born. At no time is a baby born from the rectum or anus.

A 'show' refers to the plug of mucus from the opening of the cervix coming away as the cervix starts to prepare for the birth. It can come away gradually or all at once, and may not come away until right before the baby emerges or days before labour starts. It looks like thick mucus and may be tinged with blood.

This is usual for a few weeks after a hysterectomy.If the discharge smells,is a lot or is thick then immediately go to your doctor. It has been known that spotting when you normally have your period if you haven't had your cervix removed.

Chest x ray may reveal evidence of bronchiectasis, and CT scans are particularly good at revealing the thick, dilated bronchial walls of bronchiectasis. Sputum will need to be collected and cultured (grown in a laboratory dish).

Big penises are always more enjoyable as long as they're not too big (i.e. hurt the cervix!). It should also be nice and thick.

they have blubber and thick fur.but sometimes they still get cold

The paper would still be 1 mm thick , just because you fold it does thicken the paper itself . The wad of paper, however, would be (1mm x 250 )mm thick. This is abut 70 triillion kilometers.

The lack of money, skilled labor,and reliable transportation along thick forests and rugid mountains.

the inside of the dome and the rim are covered with a thick layer (perhaps a tablespoon) of a spermicide that is compatible with the diaphragm being used. The domed area covers the opening into the uterus (cervix) and keeps the spermicide in place

Short answer: YesLong medical answer: "The cervix is long, thick, and filled with the mucous plug. By the 36th week, the vagina and urethra are elongated and all the tissues in the perineal region are enlarged, so the swollen perineum projects beyond the pelvic outlet in the last weeks of pregnancy, and is readily expandable during labor."reference site:

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