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you weight should be around 90-110 pounds i do believe.

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If you are 5 feet 5 inches and 14 years old what should my weight be?

your ideal weight should be 110. but it depends on whether your a girl or a boy. i am a pediatrician

How much should you weigh if you are 5 feet tall and 21 years old?

54_56 is the weight recommended for an individual to be healthy

What should a girl who is 5 foot weigh?

I'm 5 feet tall and 12 years old and weight 116.

What should you weight when you are 12 years old and you are 5 feet tall?

Around 100 pounds is considered healthy. Hope I helped!

What should be the weight of my daughter who is 13 years old and her height is 5 feet?

well , i am 13 and i am 5 feet but i am 7 stone which is about 98 pounds , hoped this helped :)

How much should a 21 year old man weigh?

It all depends on how tall the man is to determine what a healthy weight is for him. If you are 21 years old and are 6 feet tall, you should weight between 140 pounds and 177 pounds.

What is your idea weight?

I am 73 years old I am 5 feet 9 inches in height what is the best weight for me/

How much should you weigh when you are 4 feet 11 and 10 years old?

About 95-115 lbs. would be considered a "healthy" weight.

How much weight should i lose at 23 years old?

The amount of weight you should lose at the age of 23 years old would depend on how overweight you are and how tall you are.

What should be weight of 3.6 years old girl?

The ideal weight of a girl aged 3.6 years should be twelve kg.

What is the average weight for a girl 13 years old and 5 feet 4 inches tall?

A 13 year old girl should be at least 80-90 pounds!

How much should a 31 year old female weigh that is 5 feet 7 inches tall?

If your 5'7" and 31 years of age the minnium weight should be 300 ibs.

What do when you are 14 years old and wigh 126.6 pounds and is 4 feet and 5 to 8 inches?

you should not watch your weight just eat right and excersize.

How much weight should a 9 years old should be?

It depends on how tall they are and their frame.

You weight 90 pounds and you are 5 feet and 12 years old are you under weight or over weight?


How much should you weight 12 years old?

It depends on your height....

What weight should you be at 16 years old?

Depends on your gender and height.

How much should somene who is 12 years old weigh?

A 12 year old should way about 100 to 112. around that weight is the normal weight for a 12 year old.

How much should I weigh at 5'7 and 35 years old?

How much a women at 35 years old weight and is 57

What is the ideal weight for a 36 year old male who is six feet tall?

The reported 'ideal weight' for a 36 years old man who is approximately of a 6ft height should be in the range of among 147 and 183 pounds. This is if his complexion is medium built.

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