You are a 16 years old teen and would like to know why girls shave their vagina?

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2012-03-22 00:23:11

Since you aren't smart enough to know that 'pussy' is the

pubic hair covering the groin area and the vagina of a woman then

you need to hit the books on sex!

Many young women shave or wax their pubic hair during bikini

weather in the summer.


simply because if you don't its really disgusting. and if you

are wanting to get any kinda of sexual activity from teenage boys,

i would suggest you shave that. most young men are disgusted my a

huge BUSH in a girls pants and would be appalled to out their hand

down those panties and fell something like that. my advice to you

is o shave that...

Why Don't u ask Ur girl

We shave because it looks better and sometimes it bothers us while

having sex & I'm only 12

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