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Since you aren't smart enough to know that 'pussy' is the pubic hair covering the groin area and the vagina of a woman then you need to hit the books on sex!

Many young women shave or wax their pubic hair during bikini weather in the summer.


simply because if you don't its really disgusting. and if you are wanting to get any kinda of sexual activity from teenage boys, i would suggest you shave that. most young men are disgusted my a huge BUSH in a girls pants and would be appalled to out their hand down those panties and fell something like that. my advice to you is o shave that...

Why Don't u ask Ur girl
We shave because it looks better and sometimes it bothers us while having sex & I'm only 12

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When do most girls start to shave?

Most girls start to shave between the years of 10 and 14. No 10yo don't even have pubic hair normally. Closer to 14 and up I would say if they shave at all.

When do girls develop hair on vagina?

Girls never develop hair on their vagina - the vagina is the internal part of the girls genitals. Girls develop hair on the outside of their vulva and mons pubis as they enter puberty at around 10 years old.

What is the maximum size of 20 years girls vagina?

Baby size.

Do girls have vagina hair at 12 years old?

yes they do loads of it.

I am a 11 years old and i have a hairy vagina should i shave it?

that's a personal choice

You are 14 years old with a hairy vagina it is coming out of your underwear but it hurts to wax you get a really bad rash when you shave what should you do?

Try making sure you don't have chill bumps when you shave. Shave with the direction of your hair. And use shave cream and a fresh razor. Leave it and wear a boy short bathing suit.

You are 14 years old with a hairy vagina it is coming out of your underwear but it hurts to wax. you get a really bad rash when you shave. what should you do?

Well i think that although it might be embarassing, you should see your doctor, or just wax or shave anyways...

What do girls get first pubic hair or breasts?

Girls normally end up getting pubic hair first. Atleast that's how I remember it with most girls I knew. They told me that the pubic hair came first and then they started to develop around the breast. Most girls start out shaving their pubic hair because it makes them feel cleaner. As they get older, they attend to shave less. Some girls will always shave before sex while others may just take a quick trim. When I went camping with my friends years ago, I found that most of the girls were more natural down in the vaginal region. They did shave from time to time, but if they knew you, they didn't worry about shaving down there. Not only that, but I found that the more girls know you, the more trusted they feel with you. So if you ever find yourself in a room with a girl that is naked, don't be surprised if she presents herself to you with a tad bit if hair on her vagina.

What is the age to start shaving legs?

I believe that girls should start to shave their legs when they enter middle school. this means between 5th and 6th grade. Different answer: you should shave your legs when you get permission from your parents (normal age is between 11 and 13) Newest answer: There is no age when you should start! You should start when you want too and there is a lot of hair but I would say like 12-13 years old. Ten year old girls should not shave their legs though. That's too young. Another answer Ask your mother at the time when you feel you are ready to shave your legs.

Are thongs bad to wear for girls?

AnswerPeople have to make their own choices on when they wear thong underwear. Sometimes the string can transport bacteria from the rectum to the vagina and cause a simple infection.ANSWER: I've been wearing thongs for more than 20 years and have never gotten any infections in my vagina. Of course, my OB-GYN tells me that women who shave or wax their vulvas bare do not get anywhere near the number of infections that full bush women do.

Can 10 years old shave?

Most 10 year olds do not need to shave. Discuss shaving with your parents.

Do you need to shave your pubic hair?

Not at all. Millions of people don't and we have lived for thousands of years without doing do. 40 years ago no one shaved. 40 years ago people dont shave their underarm, but people do shave their underam nowadays. so do pubic hair.

What is Justin Biebers after shave?

I don't think he has enough facial hair to shave yet. Maybe he'll start in a few years.

Is shaving of pubic hair cause bacterial vaginosis?

I am happy to answer this question as a specialist. Pubic hair is there to protect the vagina for being infected and to keep the sweat away from it, pubic hair can absorb sweat but if you shave it, you are more likely to be infected and to get sick so easily, that can also cause you to get so many rashes. The fact that you shave don't simply mean you are clean or you are not nasty if you don't clean it, you can have lots of pubic hair and be clean at the same time as long as you wash it and clean your vagina often. Pubic hair protects the vagina from dusts, rashes, sweats, It's way better and better not to shave, believe it or not. Let's go back to the old days, Caribbean and most European women don't shave at all, according to a medical survey, Women who shave in AMERICA have more vaginal infections during the last 20 years than the women in the Caribbean and in Europe. BELIEVE IT OR NOT.The society in America wants you to shave because they want to make more money over you and they don't care about your own health. ANDERS!

Well 13 years old i would let them see girls aloud?

yes you have to be 13 years.

Tell me the age when a boy has his first shave?

13 years approx

Why does my 2 years old girl have pubic hair?

You needa shave that thing!

When did Navajo kids get married?

whenever they chose. but in earlier years much earlier years the parents would chose who would wed their daughters. the girls would get married as early as 14.

If you had someone elses bacteria in your Vagina would your own bacteria kill someone elses bacteria would it be washed away or would it still be there years later?

Your white blood cells would kill the bacteria

Does sperm on the vagina lead to pregnancy?

It can do, but not always. Some people may get pregnant the first time, for others it can take years of trying. If you have accidentally had contact between sperm and the vagina it would be a good idea to get the morning after pill now.

Is it good to insert finger in vagina at thirteen years of age?


How long can sperm survive in a woman's vagina?

50 years.

What is a small pea size lump on the lips of your vagina?

i have several pea like lumps on the outside of the lips of my vagina i have had then for several years

What is the average age girls start devoloping?

i would say about 11-15 years of age

How old does niall like his girls that he would date?

55-years-old is a young as they go