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Q: You are a Namibian citizen do you need a visa to enter Canada?
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Do venezuelan citizen need visa to enter Canada?

I wanna know if venezuelan citizen need visa tp enter canada

Does a US citizen need a passport to enter Canada as of June 1 2009?

when does a us citizen need a passport to drive to Canada

You are a citizen in Botswana you wanted to travel to Canada what requirements did you need before you can enter to Canada?

you need to take the citisinship test

Does Kenya citizen need visa to enter Ecuador?

I am Kenyan citizen and do i need a visa to enter Ecuador?

Is botswana a free visa to Switzerland?

Yes, Botswana is visa-free to Canada. Canada is also Visa-Free in Botswana.

Do you need a passport to enter Spain?

If you are not a citizen of the EU you need a passport to enter Spain.

Does an Indonesian citizen need a visa to enter Thailand?

No need

What need an American citizen to get merry in Canada?

a few Canadian beers ;-) If you meant "what does an American citizen need to get MARRIED in Canada" then re-post your question

What do you need to enter in Malawi?

That would depend on what citizen you are.

Not a us citizen can enter Mexico?

Yes but you need a valid passport, and if you are not from either the US, Canada or European Union, you have to look for a visa issued by the Mexican government.

What are the visa requirements for a New Zealand Citizen who is a permanent resident of Canada for entering the US for tourism or transit?

As a citizen of New Zealand, you will not need a visa to enter us for visiting or transiting. You need a valid passport (as usual) and perhaps your birth certificate.

Does Malaysian citizen need visa to enter Norway?

No you dont need one