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Just call him. As a close friend, you surely have his phone number already.

(In other words: we don't believe that you really are a close friend of Lil Wayne, we don't know how to contact him other than by writing him in care of his agent or record label, and we wouldn't tell you if we did.)

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his email is my friend is a close friend of him :)

no there not lil Wayne just like he as a friend.

no, Just close close friends. (: & Coworkers.

No, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne are not dating. They are very close friends.

Chris brown look at me now ft Busta rhymes, lil wayne

You can not, unless you are in his inner circle.

definantly the beatles. lil Wayne doesent even come close to them

as a friend but not as a bf

lil boosie go harder and he bout what he talk about

my friend is a close friend of Lil :) Lil Waynes email is

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No they're just good friend in Young Money.

Nah, He Rap's Not Talk's. (:

shes lil Wayne girl friend

You can converse with Lil Wayne via twitter by following him @LilTunechi( OF FAKE ACCOUNTS.

Lil Wayne... Lloyed feat Lil Wayne "I want You"

No, they're just close friends and Nicki Minaj is just showing off for Lil' Wayne.

lil wayne, drake, birdman lol

he was shot in the throat at a young age

Lil wayne my good friend

Yes, Lil Wayne is a blood.

Lil' Wayne's mother and father divorced when he was a young child. They do not have contact at the moment. Though Lil' Wayne was very close to his step father, who died when Lil' Wayne was around 14.

no lil Wayne and lil chuckee are

No Lil Wayne is Lil Chucky's cousin

lil wayne and birdman are really close, almost like father and son. lil wayne said that the kiss was not a sexual kiss , but it was more like a family love kiss. he said it as known as the "mafia" kiss.

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