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That sounds like the transmission is "slipping", meaning that the clutch isn't engaging at the right time, allowing the engine to race when you're trying to go. If you can't tell that something is wrong, and just put your foot into the pedal without regard to what is going on, not only will you end up with a clump of useless metal where the transmission WAS, you'll also end up with a clump of useless metal where the ENGINE was.

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What could be causing a 2000 ford escort to suddenly start idling and sputtering when accelerating so bad its not drivable?

I have a 1992 Escort, and it starts doing that right around the time it needs its 30,000 mile check-up.

Why is your Ford Escort stuttering when accelerating?

you have an issue with your transmission check to see if you have any transmission fluid leaking its either that or your engine over heated

How do you open the radiator petcock on a 94 ford escort?

Put a pair of pliers on it and turn it counter clockwise,

What is the recommend fuel pressure for a 1998 ford escort?

The fuel pressure on a 1998 Ford Escort should be between 40 and 60 psi at idle and not drop below 35psi under acceleration.

What would cause hesitation after acceleration on a 1998 Ford Escort?

Change the plugs and wires. also check the throttle position sensor or have it tested

My 2001 ford escort ZX2 just started making a high pitched noise while acceleratingand it seemed that it gurgled before when accelerating Any ideas what it could be?

Check the tention on the serpentine belt, it may need to be tightened or replaced if the rubber is cracked and dry rotted looking.

Where are the 02 sensors on a 1998 ford escort?

before and after the catylitic converter.

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Ford Escort power steering jumps to one side when accelerating and comes back to centre when you decelerate?

Something is wrong in the front suspension. Could be tie rod, ball joint, or the strut.

Why does 1999 ford escort wagon hesitate when accelerating?

It's more than likely that it needs a new fuel filter, spark plugs and ignition wires. While you are in there replace the air filter also.

1994 ford escort chugs and bucks when accelerating the other day I was driving home and all the sudden the car started chugging and bucking trying to die. will idle but chugs when accelerating?

Check the vaccume return hose that goes over the block on top. Mine was dried out and I was losing pressure at the connection. That was causing mine to do chug.

Why does 95 escort surge at any speed especially when coming to as stop and accelerate after taking foot off of accelerator?

If a 1995 Escort is accelerating without the driver touching the gas pedal, there is a problem with the throttle position sensor. This sensor controls when the car needs to be given more gas or less gas depending on the position of the accelerator.

What features makes the Ford Escort RS Turbo a desirable car?

The Ford Escort RS Turbo is derived from rally-car inspired designs. It can generate output of 1,000 horsepower with tuning. It is designed to qualify as a group A rally car, and thus has excellent handling and acceleration capabilities

Will interior of a 86 Ford Escort fit a 93 Ford Escort?

NO. An 86 Escort is a 1st generation Escort and a 93 Escort is a 2nd generation.

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Will 91 escort engine fit in a 98 escort?

A 91 engine will not fit in a 98 Escort. The 91 engine is from a generation II Escort whereas a 98 engine is from a generationIII Escort.

Will a transmission from a 1997 Ford Escort fit a 1996 Ford Escort?

No. The 97 is a third generation escort and the 96 is a second generation escort.

97 Ford Escort - delay in acceleration?

Probably same problem I am having. Seems to be either the fuel pump or fuel filter. I am changing the fuel filter first, because they are cheaper.

Is there a Cadillac escort?

NO!! ford made the escort

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What sensor on a 1995 ford escort would cause poor acceleration and car to cut out?

I was having the same problem with my daughter's escort. I replaced the cam position sensor and the problem stopped. Advanced Auto Parts will check the computer to find out the problem for free. I was having the same problem with my daughter's escort. I replaced the cam position sensor and the problem stopped. Advanced Auto Parts will check the computer to find out the problem for free.

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Will 2002 escort engine fit on a 1997 escort?

Yes it will. i have a 97 escort built in sept `96 and have an engine and trans from an escort built in late `02.

1994 Ford Escort wagon is not accelerating smooth and you need to press hard on gas and the whole engine block is shaking when you put it in gear what might be the problem?

not firing on all cylenders or timimg is wrong, maybe the timing belt jumped