You are an ex drug addicted teenager can you still get pregnant?

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Why do you feel haunted by the fact that your ex-husband is now a drug addict and has thrown his life away and how do you escape such painful memories of what could have been?

Answer . The chances are your ex husband already had problems with drugs when you were together. He may have stayed away from it for a short time, but drug addicts, alcoholics, etc., have difficulties dealing with trauma in their lives and it's easier to dull the pain with drugs or alcohol. Do ( Full Answer )

Why are drugs addictive?

Drugs are addictive because they either mimic or stimulate the production of brain chemicals that cause feelings of pleasure. After a period of time, your brain adjusts to the higher levels of the chemicals, and it becomes necessary to use more drugs to get the same effect. Eventually, you reach ( Full Answer )

What is your point of view about teenage drug addiction?

Answer . for me my point of view about this avoid using any kind of drug because it cannot be help you and it cant be affect your health.. Answer . for me my point of view about this avoid using any kind of drug because it cannot be help you ( Full Answer )

What is drug addiction?

Compulsive and, at times, uncontrollable drug cravings and use. There are two kinds of addiction, physical and psychological, although most addicts exhibit both. Physical addiction occurs when prolonged presence of the drug in the system causes changes in the brain that make it require more and m ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of ex addicts as counselors?

Ex drug addicts are great as counselors because that they have beenin the same place as people who need counseling. This allows peoplehope that they can recover and do better in their lives.

Can a teenager get pregnant?

As soon as a teenager reaches their first period and produces eggs they can become pregnant. Although, they are a lot more likely to have a miscarriage. . Miscarriages happen frequently only to young teens, not to older teens between 16 and 20. . Yes

Why do teenagers get addicted to drugs?

Boredom more often than not, teenagers experimenting with drugs find themselves getting addicted, Teens who hang around with groups of other teens can find themselves being introduced to drugs and invited to just try them!

Can a ex drug addict donate an organ?

The short answer is yes. Many Americans have abused drugs in some form. Donating an organ would depend on the health of the organ.

What do drugs do to teenagers?

Drugs do many things to teenagers it is very harmful and not recommended that's why its against the law to buy some drugs under age and some drugs are illegal to even buy or sell even. so its not recommended to do drugs at their risk, but even if your older its still not recommend to adults. Since i ( Full Answer )

How addictive are drugs?

Depends on the drug. It also depends on the individual. If you are more specific, I could provide you with a better answer.

What is a drug addict?

Legal drugs taken only as directed (not exceeded in dose) can cause drug dependency, which is different than being an addict. However, if the drug was stopped for a chemically dependent person/patient, they will experience withdrawal just like a drug addict would. A drug addict is a person who is ( Full Answer )

What ages of teenagers are addicted to weed?

\nTeenagers of any age might be addicted to weed, provided that one understands that the topic of marijuana as an addictive substance is controversial in certain circles; especially using circles.. Weed is habit forming not addictive. Statistically kids 13-16 are at highest risk of exposure.

Why are teenagers addicted to online games?

When you complete a task successfully, (A.K.A. beating a level in agame) your brain releases dopamine, this is what gives you happyfeelings. It's addictive, so when you do something that releases it, you tendto want to do it more.

What are the possible solutions in teenage drug addiction?

Intervention. If you are a friend you need to tell an adult. I don't care if it is your parents, teachers, counselor in school, even your friends' parents. You need to tell someone. Yah your friend may hate you later. But you know what do you want that friend dead and go to a funeral instead? ( Full Answer )

Where do teenagers get drugs?

friends. or friends of friends. loads of thirteen yr olds sell drugs these days especially in England where i live and they steal it from their parents that take drugs or sometimes there parents let them sell drugs cause they are coming home with new plasma TVs and stuff so they say there helping wi ( Full Answer )

Can you turn in a drug addicted pregnant women?

Absolutely. In fact, if you care about the well being of the baby, I hope you do. In this situation, it might be best to ask the pregnant woman if she has considered abortion. The last thing this world - and the baby itself - needs is another absentee/drug addict parent to raise a future criminal ( Full Answer )

What is drug abuse and drug addiction?

Drug abuse is when drug taking affects your daily life such as school or work. Drug addiction is when you physically and mentally crave your drug of choice. The two often go together, but not always.

Can marijuana be addictive to teenagers?

Marijuana can be addictive to anybody, regardless of age. Marijuana is not physically addictive -- meaning, a round-the-clock user who suddenly quits will not suffer physical withdrawal symptoms. They won't get sick, the way an alcoholic or a heroin addict gets sick when they suddenly stop using. ( Full Answer )

Can a ex drug addicted teenager still get pregnant?

Many drugs will severely mess up a persons reproductive system. Aside from the fact that it may be possible to get pregnant, a child can have defects from drug abuse even if their parents haven't used in years. Talk to your local physician. Tell them your situation and ask about the possible implica ( Full Answer )

How does a person know to re-trust a person that is still addicted to drugs?

That's a difficult one since drug addiction is considered as a chronicle disease so you never know... An agreement might help: one will be allowed to check the ex addict on drugs with drugs tests whenever he feels the need to do so, or on a regular bases. Normally, it causes new discussion and ten ( Full Answer )

What can you do if you are addicted to drugs?

If you are addicted to drugs, you can: . Avoid the places where you usually get or use drugs. . If you are non-religious, go to a religion that strongly forbids drugs e.g. Christianity, Islam. . Get a hobby that takes up most of your time. Example: using this site. . Join a recovery support g ( Full Answer )

If a female drug addict becomes pregnant why is it likely that her baby will also become addicted to her drugs?

Whatever the mother ingests is bound to be ingested by the baby as well. Any physically addictive substance is so because it alters long-term brain functioning to need the substance for normal functioning. Thus when the mother ingests a physically addictive drug, the baby ingests it as well and can ( Full Answer )

What drug addiction is the same as food addiction?

I'd say any psychological addiction is similar to a food addiction. Psychological addictions to different drugs don't vary very much because they are all essentially the brain yearning for an experience that normal living by itself cannot provide. The only difference would be strengths, and that aga ( Full Answer )

Drug addiction drug tolerance and psychological addiction?

Tolerance to a drug (so that higher and higher amounts are needed in order to obtain the same initial effect) and dependence - both are part of the physical addiction. Psychological addiction does not involve physical tolerance and dependence, but can be difficult to treat, unless there is motivatio ( Full Answer )

Why teenagers addicted to dota?

The friendship and camaderie they experience, the complexity of the game, and the uniqueness of each game add to its replay value. Games do not take very long either, with an average of 40 minutes per game. As DotA is mainly a teamwork based game, friends can easily be made, and appreciation and enc ( Full Answer )

What is similar from tv addiction and drug addiction?

All addictions are very similar. That being said, different substances and or behaviors alter different parts and number of parts of the brain. Gaming and TV addicton are similar to all other addictions. Food addiction alters 2 parts of the brain Alcohol and drugs alter 3 parts of the brain and se ( Full Answer )

What are some causes of drug addictions to young teenagers?

well basically these days in the 20th century. us teenagers get into smkoing drugs or taking it by our friends or family members. friends we will be doing it and telling u to do it. they will force u till crack and eventually take the drugs they are doing. family you will see them doing it when u ar ( Full Answer )

How does an ex addict get morphine for pain?

complaine , complaine and complain some more because they are not going to give a ex junkie crap. I had three major surgeries in the past 4 months, i am also hep c + and i have to gurgle over the counter pain killers hourly , i guess its better to just kill my liver then give a stong pain pill. POS ( Full Answer )

Why are teenagers addicted to facebook?

I think I begun addicted on facebook when I tend to sleep late and spend hours and hours on facebook. why? because I like to update statuses,photos and sometimes I like to view pages I liked. what I like the most on facebook is that, when I post photos or statuses, I'll get so many likes and that wh ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you are a teenager and you are pregnant?

If I were you, I would keep her/he. The minute you lay eyes on your baby, you will fall in love with he/her. If your under 16 and you don't have anyone (someone living in your house) willing to take care of her/he while your gone, get a pregnancy agent. Consider adoption. They will discuss and reall ( Full Answer )

What does an addict do for drugs?

The Addict Eats The Drug. That is why they call the name- Drug Addict. I am not smart im really smart.

How do drug addiction centers help treat drug addicts?

The first step at a drug treatment center is usually detox. This will help your body with its withdrawls from its addiction. Next is the therapy and group counciling. It helps to be in this group enviroment, and to know that you are not the only one dealing with this.

How would you end a book about two drug-addicted teenagers madly infatuated with each other who go into hiding after a drug bust?

One character decides to get away from the world of drugs, butrealizes he/she (I'll just say person A) cannot do that while inthe company of person B (who has no plans to rid themselves of theaddiction). Person A has to choose between leaving in order toregain/advance in the rest of their life, or s ( Full Answer )

Teenagers are addicted to digital media?

60% of teenagers describing themselves as "highly addicted" to their device- according to new research by the media regulator, ofcom.

When do drugs get addictive -?

Drugs get addictive when a person consumes a quantity of it but notwhen a person consumes only a tiny amount.

Why are drugs addiction?

Drugs are an addiction due to the effect that they have on thebrain and your body.