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Restraining Orders

You are being harassed by a neighbor she has called cps even the city code enforcement you have tried to let it go you even move yet it continue do you have grounds for a restraining order?


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September 13, 2011 7:03PM

yes i believe you have grounds for a peace order. i live in Maryland and have been harassed by a neighbor for 2 1/2 years now. he has called cps,dmv,police ,fire chief county executive and who knows who else . none of his false claims have ever been found to be true. we have a peace order that was granted after he threatened violence against husband and followed our family to a restaurant. it makes a better case if they have threatened violence or stalked you. take notes everytime he does something. it's favorable in court when you have time,date,details. also, it's something to refer back to in the courtroom where nerves can be a problem.maybe if you have an attorney you can have them send a cease and decist letter to the harasser threatening a lawsuit if they don't stop. i would file for the order. the worst that can happen is it will be denied. i was advised by bailiff after our court proceeding that the harassment i mentioned was also criminal .he advised me to see the commisioner to press charges or get a lawyer. good luck to you ,you are not alone.