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yes i believe you have grounds for a peace order. i live in Maryland and have been harassed by a neighbor for 2 1/2 years now. he has called cps,dmv,police ,fire chief county executive and who knows who else . none of his false claims have ever been found to be true. we have a peace order that was granted after he threatened violence against husband and followed our family to a restaurant. it makes a better case if they have threatened violence or stalked you. take notes everytime he does something. it's favorable in court when you have time,date,details. also, it's something to refer back to in the courtroom where nerves can be a problem.maybe if you have an attorney you can have them send a cease and decist letter to the harasser threatening a lawsuit if they don't stop. i would file for the order. the worst that can happen is it will be denied. i was advised by bailiff after our court proceeding that the harassment i mentioned was also criminal .he advised me to see the commisioner to press charges or get a lawyer. good luck to you ,you are not alone.

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Your 78 year old neighbor is crazy her son former druggie threaten to kill you?

Get a restraining order or move away.

Neighbor who makes false claims to police?

Report him? Added: Believe me, if the neighbor continually reports unfounded criminal complaints THEY will quickly be known to law enforcement.

Who do you talk to about making your neighbor remove a wasp infestation?

The best person to talk to about making your neighbor remove a wasp infestation would be the neighbor. If they refuse to remove the nest them you could call your local code enforcement officer.

Can you go to jail if your neighbor lie on you about if you have harassed her?

well if she told the policce then first she needs witnesses and then it will be taken to court and if you found giulty you could go to jail

Can you get a restraining order for a neighbor who is giving my tenant misinformation about the status of my mortgage prompting him to want to break the lease for fear of foreclosure?

I just need an answer.

How do you remove fumes from an illegal drug lab neighbor?

Do not address this matter directly with the neighbor. It could be dangerous. Simply call local law enforcement and report it. Let the LEO's deal with it.

When a block wall was put up you placed it on your property since you paid for it ourselves Neighbor has put a gate up and attached it to your wall Do you have the right to ask him to remove it?

If the wall is DEFINITELY, completely and totally on your side of the property line, then technically the neighbor IS trespassing to attach a gate to your wall. HOWEVER - the interpretation and enforcement of local codes concerning 'neighbor fences' can vary significantly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Law enforcement and the Codes and Zoning enforcement people HATE to get involved in these 'tempests in a teapot.' Be absolutely sure you want to start this controversy!

What to do with a gay neighbor harassing your family?

Harassment has nothing to do with sexual orientation. If anyone is harassing you or your family, you need to contact the authorities. Get a restraining order or go to the police.

How can we keep the drunk crazy neighbor away from my dad she is trying to get him to buy her house from going into foreclosure he is 82 and she is 43 he has a mild case of Alzheimers?

Contact the police and get a restraining order.

How can you eliminate upstairs neighbor noise?

Contact your landlord for long term resolution, or your local Law enforcement agency for a short term resolution.

What should I do if my neighbor touches me inappropriately?

If you are being sexually assaulted, that is touched inappropriately, notify local law enforcement or a child advocacy center. If you are a minor, tell your parents, your teachers and counselor at school, and keep telling until something is done. Mostly, do not allow yourself to be alone with your neighbor, or near your neighbor.

Is chester bennington of linkin park really bisexual?

he isn't he was sexually harassed by his neighbor when he was a little boy but that's it from being sexually inter coursed with a man He may be. He did once say he was attracted to both sexes.

Complaint to Neighbor?

Get StartedUse this letter to inform your neighbor of a problem and to request that action be taken to solve the problem. This letter will also help to establish a record of your complaint in case the issue needs to be brought to the attention of local law enforcement agencies.

Which of Finch's neighbors does a lot of gardening in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Miss Maude "Maudie" Atkinson was a neighbor of Atticus Finch who enjoyed gardening in spite of being harassed by devout "Foot-Washing Baptists," who told her her enjoyment of gardening was a sin.

What can you do about a neighbor video taping your house?

Unfortunately, not too much. They cannot use the results for commercial purposes without your permission, and if it rises to the level of harassment, you can speak to law enforcement about it.

Can you put a restraining order on a police officer?

If a police officer is acting in his official capacity, you cannot put a restraining order on him. If, for example, an officer is investigating you for something, you cannot stop him from investigating. If you feel an officer is violating your rights in his official capacity, the best thing to do is go to the officer's supervisor and try to resolve the problem. When an officer is not acting in his official capacity, like he's your neighbor and is bothering you, then you can get a restraining order against him. Remember, when not acting as an officer, he is just a private citizen; just like you.

How can your housing association protect you from neighbor harassment?

Generally, no. If your neighbor is in violation of association guidelines, such as noise rules or pet or parking rules, you may be able to engage the association to resolve the issue. Otherwise, if you believe the harassment is dangerous, you may want to call on local law enforcement. Worst case, you may be able to take your evidence of harassment to an attorney and ask the attorney to write a letter to your neighbor.

What is the verb for neighbor?

There is no verb for neighbor. Neighbor is a noun.

What do you call a person that is your neighbors neighbor?

They are still your neighbor, as anyone within the neighborhood is your neighbor, neighbor...

Can you sue your neighbor if she kills your dog?

It can depend on the circumstances. Not enough is dicclosed in the qeustion to answer accurately. Did you report her to law enforcement or the animal cruelty authorities? Was the dog vicious? Was it on her property? Was it attacking or endangering her or her possessions?

What is an antonym for neighbor?


Your neighbor made false allegations to the EPA animal control and the code enforcement officer do you have a case of harassment?

No. However, if you can prove that: (a) the allegations were false and (b) the neighbor knew or should reasonably have known that they were false, you may have a civil case for defamation.If you are convicted of an Animal or EPA offense resulting from your neighbor's complaint, this would seriously hinder your ability to seek a civil remedy against your neighbor, since the court would be required to assume the allegations were, in fact, true.To determine your options in dealing with the neighbor, you should consult an Attorney.

How do you deal with a neighbor that won't stop hitting golf ball onto your property?

leave the golf balls where they are, and call your local law enforcement by dialing their non-emergency number, unless you're in danger.

What actors and actresses appeared in Broken Path - 2008?

The cast of Broken Path - 2008 includes: Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom as Haru Diana Crusenberry as Neighbor Jim Crusenberry as Neighbor Avavit Csabi as Neighbor Carmina Fajardo as Neighbor Teresa Garrett as Ellie Tyler Josmary Gomez as Neighbor Gabriella Handal as Neighbor Leslie Kilgore as Neighbor Jacob Kush as Neighbor Gene Kush as Neighbor Mila Kush as Neighbor Rommel Manlo as Kidnappers Ed Mannering as Neighbor Lana McLaughlin as Neighbor Motoko Nagino as Sakura Tadahiro Nakamura as Yukio Greg Palmacci as Neighbor Baby Sakamoto as Young Hiroki Zoe Seabaugh as Neighbor Sherry Seabaugh as Neighbor Dana Shidlofsky as Neighbor Samantha Shidlofsky as Neighbor Layne Shidlofsky as Neighbor Judith Silberlicht as Neighbor Sonny Sison as Jiro Dan Southworth as Yoshi Lanie Taylor as Maddy Ellis Winnie Wackwitz as Neighbor Dena Wackwitz as Neighbor Pamela Walworth as Lisa Ellis

What part of speech is neighbor?

Neighbor is usually a noun.