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most likely yes

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What do you do if your boyfriend hardly talks to you at school?

then you talk to him

When im with my boyfriend on the weekend he never wants me to leave but through the week he hardly talks to me what should I do?

well if you are with your boyfriend and he never wants to talk try to talk to him and if that dont work try to ask his family whats going on with him maybe he has something on his mineHE MIGHT BE CHEATING ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

When your boyfriend of over a year now seems like hes getting distant he hardly calls or calls or answers when you call or message him he says he loves you and he couldn't love you anymore whats wrong?

hes probably cheating on you.

Does Harry Potter think Hermione Granger is beautiful?

No, but that hardly matters, for he is not her boyfriend.

Is harry styles and Taylor Swift boyfriend and girlfriend?

no, they're hardly friends

Your husband be cheating if he shaves?

Most husbands shave, and most do not cheat. It's possible but hardly meaningful.

Is Jay-Z cheating on Beyonce?

AnswerThe rumor is that Jay-Z is cheating on Beyonce with Rihanna.I heard the same rumor. But, you hardly see Beyonce and Jay-Z

How do you know if he does not love you?

If your boyfriend/girlfriend hardly even notices you, he/her does not love or even care about you.

What if you hardly get to see him?

If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and you hardly ever get to see him/her it probably wont work out. If you are going to plan on having a future with that person it needs to be a person that you can be with if you need them.

Do mps have to go to the house of commons everyday?

No. They have a lot of freedom to choose when to attend. Some hardly ever do!

If you have a long distanced relationship with your man how do you know if he is cheating on you?

the way he acts ANSWER: You don't, but the only sign that your man might be cheating on you is, if he stop calling you on the phone. Or if the two of you are exchanging letters or email, he stop or hardly write you.

How fear drives the cheating partner?

Fear is hardly what drives a cheater, love. It is called being selfish. Or fear of not being able to be selfish anymore.

What do you do if your boyfriend hardly talks to you at school and he is too busy with his mates?

break up with him. If he cares about you he would only want to talk to you

Do girls like it when guys place their arms around them?

yes they do but only if you're their boyfriend or partner. If you hardly know them they are likely to freak out if you do it.

Do adolescent females consume enough calcium?

No, there is hardly any calcium in everyday food, young females should take a calcium supplement or a multivitamin

Why is the wave particle duality ignored in everyday life?

Wave particle duality is almost ignored in everyday life mainly because the reactions involved especially with light is so miniscule that it only occurs in special situations and is hardly noticeable

Does being secretive mean cheating?

Of course being secretive with a guy means cheating! If you are having secret meetings with a guy but you are already going out or married to another then you are most definitely cheating. Y'all, this is so not fair to your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband. If you don't think that your boyfriend/girlfriend is in to you or doesn't make you happy then don't go out with them. If you are really having marriage problems then go see a counselor. But first you need to tell your spouse what is going on. It isn't fair to keep secrets from them. Especially one like that. ANSWER: I think not, especially when it comes to man in general. In scale of 1-10 nine percent of men do not talk or share what they're thinking. So you can not say that your husband or boyfriend is cheating. if you ask why they hardly talk they will tell you they don't know how to show their feelings aka emotion. And don't feel bad nor concern, the man I married also have this manners of not talking, he rather keep it for himself rather than come to me and talk about it.

Are there any good girls left in the world?

Hardly but we are out there! You just have to look in the right places, and if you happen to catch one of us: appreciate and love us everyday!

What is correct I can hardly wait or I can't hardly wait?

'i can hardly wait 'is the correct answer

What movie and television projects has Jeff Foster been in?

Jeff Foster has: Played Kenny in "Hot Line" in 1994. Played Max Turner in "Profiler" in 1996. Played Phillip Marx in "Hardly Newz" in 1997. Played Detective Matthews in "Visions" in 1998. Played Key Lime Waiter in "Eating L.A." in 1999.

Is it hardly overcast in England?

Hardly ever.

What is the correct grammar I can hardly wait or i can't hardly wait?

The correct grammar is "I can hardly wait".

If your boyfriend said he could not have lunch with you but was having lunch with the woman with whom he cheated last year could he be cheating on you again with her?

Yes, he could. I just found out I was cheated on for the last three months. If he talks about her a lot or tells you he is going out with a friend, then he could be cheating. It may even be likely. ==Maybe not, but . . . == . . . it hardly matters. He wasn't honest about not being able to have lunch with you. He didn't tell you WHY he couldn't have lunch with you, right? He made up some BS story, right? So, even if he isn't having sex with her, there is a serious level of betrayal here.

Is hardly an adverb?

Yes, hardly is an adverb, a word to describe a verb or an adjective.She hardly knew what to say.They had hardly started the ceremony before the rain came.

Is hardly a noun?

No, the word hardly is an adverb a word that modifies a verb; for example:It hardly rains in the month of August.We hardly have any left.The race was hardly won but his extra effort made all the difference.