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One that you like and flatters your features

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Can you straighten your hair before a haircut?

yes you can :)

Can you get a medium length emo haircut you have really thick curly hair?

Eh, not really...unless you straighten it every day...and I mean Really straighten it.

Would bubzbeauty's haircut look good on a heart shaped face?

1.If Your hair is straight it is good. 2.If it's 'rolled' and you have curls it will not look good! Because I don't recommend to straighten your hair with heat every time after shower :)

What is a good short haircut for a girl with thick wavy hair?

i would say an Alice Cullen haircut coz its short layered and if you can straighten it to flick it out t looks really awesome. i asked the same questioon coz i got hair like you and i got the same answer and it looks great

What is the best hair style for thick long hair?

get a haircut with an anle in the front and when you straighten it it will look longer .i got mine yesterday and it looks great.

Does Drake Bell straighten his hair?

Yes, because he looks good in curl hair . So, thats the reason he straighten his hair .

What is a sentence for straighten?

I straighten my hair everyday so I look good for school.

Can you get a medium length emo haircut if you have very thick curly hair?

Yeah if you straighten it. If you just leave it curly. Not really.

How can you straighten hair with out heat?

You straighten hair without heat by simply washing it with shampoo and good-quality conditioner. (You can do this with cold water.)

Is it bad to straighten your hair everyday?

Straightening hair daily can cause hair to fry/burn, which is not good for it. Unless you use heat protection spray, try not to straighten hair daily.

Is it better to chemically straighten your hair or straighten your hair with a flat iron everyday?

Its better to put a protector on your hair before you straighten your hair if you are going to straighten your hair every day with a flat iron.

What is the best thing to do with short badly cut coloured hair?

straighten it or just put half of it p in a ponytail or just get a haircut thatll style your hair to make it look nicer :)

Is thick hair good?

Yes thick hair is good. When you turn old you will not loose your hair. And when you straighten it you won't loose alot of hair.

How do you straighten your hair for a home remedy?

all you do is wash your hair good then wait till it drys then straighten your hair with your stratener and for some voulume just put some moose or hair spray in it and your done all you do is wash your hair good then wait till it drys then straighten your hair with your stratener and for some voulume just put some moose or hair spray in it and your done

If you haven't relaxed your hair can you straighten it?

You can straighten your hair whether or not it is relaxed.

Where can you find hairstyles for straighten hair?

where can i find pictures of straighten hair

What is a good haircut for a 11 year old who has wavy straight thick hair?

A nice trim and thined out or layers..if you need styles you should mousse it to make it a nice curl or use wavy rusk or even straighten it.

What will get paintspray out of hair?

A rag with some paint thinner or a good haircut.

What is a good length for thick hair?

Bob haircut... Looks beautiful

How do you straighten African American hair?

There is a natural way to straighten your hair and that is to apply coconut cream and yogurt. It will loosen your curl to make your hair easy to manage and comb. It is good for your hair and will save you money as well.

Does hena straighten your hair?

Henna is a coloring application that can straighten your hair depending on hair curly your hair may be.

Is it better to air dry your hair then straighten it or blow dry your hair then straighten it?

It is better to let it air dry then straighten it, less damage to your hair

How can you straighten your hair?

You can straighten your hair wish a blow dryer, a flat iron/hair straightener, or with chemicals.

If you put hair relaxer in your hair for 2 days and you still have wavy hair what should you do?

Straighten it Straighten it

Would you look good in a fade haircut?

No I like my hair but if you have long hair don't do it unless your a man DO IT