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Q: You are searching for an Orchestral Sacred backing for Finlandia?
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What was the forbiden city?

The Forbiden city is a very sacred place in china. Try searching on google earth to find it!

What has the author Orlando Mella written?

Orlando Mella has written: 'Searching for the sacred' -- subject(s): Immigrants, Refugees, Religious life

What is sacred cow project?

A Sacred Cow project refers to financial statements that are often believed to be true resulting them not being argued that much, but they lack any scientific backing. One example is the percentage financial experts recommend putting away to save towards retirement.

What do Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition have in common?

.Catholic AnswerBoth Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture are guaranteed by God and are inerrant. Sacred Scripture grew out of Sacred Tradition and is guaranteed by Sacred Tradition. A more precise use of the term Sacred Tradition can refer to the deposit of faith which is not contained in Sacred Scripture.

Which came first sacred tradition or sacred scripture?


What is the sacred tree of judaisim?

there is no sacred tree of Judaism, only life is sacred in Judaism.

What does the word sacred mean?

sacred - holy

What is sacred to Christians?

"Who" is sacred to Christians. He is God.

What god was delphi sacred to?

It was sacred to Apollo

What were Demeter's sacred animals?

Her sacred animals are: The Serpent The Pig Her Sacred bird is: The Screech Owl

What are Hera's sacred animals?

Hera's sacred animals are the peacock, and the cow. The peacock is most sacred.

What Egyptian animals were sacred?

Many Egyptian animals were sacred but usually the most sacred was the cat

Sacred shrine in Mecca?

ka'aba is the sacred shrine

What was sacred to Zeus?

The eagle is the sacred animal of Zeus.

Form sentence with sacred?

The treasure box was sacred to me.

Can cantatas be both sacred and secular?

secular and sacred

Is the slient night song sacred or secular?


How do you use 'sacred' word in sentences?

That is a sacred vase

What animal was sacred to the kushites?

sacred animal of the kushites

What is the sacred symbols of ancient Egypt?

The Sacred eye and Ra are both sacred symbols of Ancient Egypt.

Where are cows sacred?

cows are sacred in the ocean. they are sacred because they are pretty and TWO colors instead of one.

What is the homophone of sacred?

The word "sacred" doesn't have a homophone. Sacred also means "holy," and its homophone is wholly.

Sacred cow in the US?

Cows are not sacred in the USA nor is there any sacred cow. This is only in India, not America. Cows are only sacred in the Hindu religion.

How do you use word sacred in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.Each religion has a sacred text.The sacred part of the temple is off limits to outsiders.This is a sacred relic.

Can you give a sentence using the word sacred?

People often confuse sacred and scared. Oak trees are very sacred for Hindus.