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The seller needs to sign on the dotted line and give the title to you. You send it to the address stated on the title to have it changed.

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Q: You bought a clear without title and cannot the seller HOW to get a title in your name?
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Can you sell a car without owner present?

Yes. But, seller must sign back of title and DMV docs. Buyer takes risk, even with clear title, without witness to actual seller signing papers.

Is the buyer or seller responsible for title insurance in Texas?

The seller is required to provided a clear title; purchasing title insurance is generally a part of this.

Is there any recourse for the buyer of an owner financed agreement when the seller does not provide or have the deeds and property transferred for insurance and tax purposes?

Property cannot be sold or transferred without there being a clear title. If the owner/seller has lost or misplaced the general warranty deed and the lien release, it is a fairly simple matter to obtain copies. Contacting property recorder's or assessor's office in the county where the property is located will obtain the desired information.

How can you ensure a valid sale of a vehicle if you cannot pay off the existing lien?

A vehicle cannot be sold without a clear title. A clear title can only be obtained when all lien holders have been paid or have agreed to sign off on the lien.

You paid your car loan off can you sell it while waiting on the title?

No, you cannot sell a car without a clear, lien free, title. Wait for the clear title or you are asking for problems.

What do you do if someone sold you a car with a child support lien?

If there is available proof that the car is subject to the lien then you will need to pay it if you want to own the car free and clear. You could sue the seller.If there is available proof that the car is subject to the lien then you will need to pay it if you want to own the car free and clear. You could sue the seller.If there is available proof that the car is subject to the lien then you will need to pay it if you want to own the car free and clear. You could sue the seller.If there is available proof that the car is subject to the lien then you will need to pay it if you want to own the car free and clear. You could sue the seller.

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Do you provide a seller a bill of sale on a cash purchase of a vehicle with a clear title?

You can if you would like but it is not mandatory.

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You need to consult with an attorney who specializes in real estate to discuss your options in obtaining clear title to the property. You cannot sell or mortgage the property without the signature of the third party. Your attorney may know how to quiet the title in your favor under your state laws.

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When will eBay collect the money for the seller and deliver the car to the buyer?

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