You broke up with your ex 3 years ago and you recently started talking he has a girlfriend but says he still has feelings for you but wants to remain friends and see what happens what do you do?


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Answer Maybe he wants the best of both worlds, his present girlfriend and you. If I were you, I'd tell him it was nice while it lasted, but now you feel it's time to get on with your life without him in the picture.


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Because he probably has feelings for her, that usually happens when 2 people are together. Most guys usually don't cry over they're girlfriend, But guys are different. But they have feelings for that person, and if something happens, he is going to get upset.

that happens a lot. if your friend doesnt still like her and she doesnt still like him, its probably okay. if there's no hard feelings, then i dont see why you cant go out!!! -erin:)

If there is a situation where your friend and girlfriend are together and the friend is flirting with the girlfriend then your friend isnÕt a very good friend. If you girlfriend tells you everything then confront you friend about his behavior and decide if you two can still be friends.

You watching movies with friends , love ones, and girlfriend. Also , soap box fox theater

If he has a girlfriend, and he likes you, then surely he is not the kind of guy you want to be seeing? I think it would get messy and you would loose friends if either you, or the guy in question tried to change anything.

AnswerIt sucks, and they'll probably talk about you a lot. But it's not the end of the world. Maybe you and your ex-girlfriend can become friends again. No way Man. You be screwed the ex tells the why of the breakup & she'll even lie to make you out to be the bad guy.

Ask her or her friends what is wrong. If they wont tell you, than let her cool off. Than see what happens

Listen, if you guys are friends... just let the relationship play out and see what happens, don't be a Jerk!

if your home schooled and want to get a girlfriend start to talk to close family friends that r ur age but have no bloodline to and see if something happens

i think if he is happy with his girlfriend you shouldn't come in between that because is you say your his best friend you wouldn't do that cause that's not what best friends do. I think that is he has a girlfriend you have to tell yourself to let your friend be happy and let fate discide what happens

Personally I have never seen a relationships like this without someone falling for the other sooner or later. You can't force yourself how top feel or not feel. Get out or get a girlfriend/boyfriend before it happens. Or have several friends with benefits. Sex is intimate and feelings will be there when you get to know the person.

The problem started in your relationship with your girlfriend because of your mixed feelings for her and now that the two of you no longer are seeing each other you both can date whomever you want. However, she may be trying to get back at you (rebound) by dating your best friend or there is always the possibility she had been seeing your best friend while being in a steady relationship with you. Your best friend should have more respect and compassion for your feelings and realize that by dating your ex girlfriend he is hurting you. You should consider the fact perhaps the mixed feelings for your ex girlfriend had some validity to it and as far as your best friend be very aware of him as sometimes it's the best friend that can hurt you the most. Be smart and move on by getting out with different friends and eventually back into dating until you find that special girl that you truly love.

You may have feelings for one another but it depends what you do with them now. Ask him on a date and see what happens.

you could just go for it and see what happens. maybe she'd respond. you'll never know unless you try, i think its worse not knowing than knowing sometimes how someone feels.

You look for someone new.. youll always have some feelings for him but yea it natrually just happens

"Recently, I have had the honor..." is perfect. "Recently, I had gotten together with several friends..." is pluperfect, or past perfect, depending on where you learned. I assume by "present perfect" you mean what I call the "past progressive" ie. "Recently, I was going..." -- in which case that also works. Basically, you can use "recently" with any past tense, excluding the future perfect tense ("Recently, I will have gone..." does not work, because future perfect actually happens after the present!)

Be there for her and support her. DO NOT FRECKEN DUMP HER!

Normally, people's mouths get dry when they see something they like, just like when their pupils dialate. Maybe he still has feelings for this "ex-girlfriend," or maybe it is just the nervousness associated with his feelings towards seeing her.

someone online horrasses you by hurting your feelings

You say "Hi." And you be polite. But you don't steal your best friend's boyfriend, because that would be a slutty, scummy thing to do.

talk to my girlfriend and it just happens


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