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Yes you can I think Cynthia's mother gives it to you after you beat the Galactic Grunt and Cyrus (for the first time) in front of the cave in Celestic Town.

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Where can you find chimchar on Pokemon Platinum?

where can i find chimchar in Pokemon platinum version

How do you find legendary Pokemon on platinum version?

go to Pokemon marriland.com then it tells you where to find them

Where do you find misdreavus in Pokemon Platinum?

You can not find Misdreavus in Platinum version, you will need to trade with someone who has one.

Where do you find Hm03 in Pokemon Platinum gba version?

i have never heard of Pokemon platinum gba only ds!

Where can you find Bulbasaur in Pokemon platinum version?

In a bush !!!!!!! <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Where do you find dragon palse in Pokemon soul silver?

if u have Pokemon platinum then just trade a Pokemon from your platinum version holding dragon palse.

Where do you find paklia on Pokemon black?

You must trade one from pokemon pearl/platinum version

How do you find sandshrew in Pokemon platinum?

after beating the game, insert the Pokemon leafgreen version for gameboy advanced in the GBA slot. You can then catch Pokemon from that version.

Where can you find a clamperl Pokemon platinum?

Can't be found, migrate from a GBA pack version of Pokemon or trade from diamond or pearl version.

Where can you find magby?

Magby is the baby version of the fire Pokemon Magmar. You can find one outside the ironworks in Pokemon Platinum.

Where you can find smeargle in platinum version of Pokemon?

use the pokerader in front of the mantion

Where can you find buneary in Pokemon black version?

You have to transfer it from diamond, pearl, or platinum.

In Pokemon Platinum where is a murkrow you checked everywhere you cant find any it is 1 of your favourites?

Murkrow is not in Pokemon platinum you have to trade or trade it from your diamond version

How do you get a moonstone in platinum?

You may find it hard to get a moonstone in Pokemon Platinum version. If you catch a Cleffa, there is a small chance that it will have one.

Were to find a bicycle on Pokemon platinum version?

At Eterna city.Go to the bike store.Has 4 gears......

Where in Pokemon platinum version you can find a corpish?

in celestic town use a super rod in the ponds

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