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You dated your ex for 2 months she left for another man a week after you broke up we have none each other for years she says she likes you a lot still but still broke up how can we get back together?



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Just because she says she likes you alot means nothing. If you open your eyes long enough to see the light, remember she left you for another guy and maybe things between them aren't going well and she's looking for another place to stay if she leaves the guy she is with. In the end of things if she left you once, she'll do it again and in the meantime she will use you because she knows you still have feelings for her.

Don't be her sucker, tell her that it's nice that she still likes you alot but you aren't interested and you may be suprised at her reaction as she probably figures she has you right where she wants you. When she's finished with you, then she wll leave again and you will kick your ass for having been so stupid to take her back in the first place.

Good luck

dont you watch movies? if you love her let her go and if she loves you she will come back

2 months isn't that long try 3 years