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You did not know you had a child till he was 13 and you got sued for child support?

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yes you can get sued for back child support. If the child is yours, you need to take responsibility until the child is 18.

2006-07-25 23:23:30
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Q: You did not know you had a child till he was 13 and you got sued for child support?
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How long do you pay child support in NY state if a child is in college?

Till the child turns 21

Do you have to pay child support when dependents quits school at 15?

yes you do you need to pay child support till the child has turned 21 :D

Does child supporrt stop for your children if you re-marry?

no the child support dose not stop in till the child is 18

Do you still have to pay child support for your 16 year old daughter?

YES... you must pay child support for your child till the age of 18 or 23 if he/she is in collage in the USA...

Does a parent have to support a child till 21 in Pennsylvania?

see related link

Do you have legal obligation for child support after child turns 18?

no. but when a child is in college you could be responsible till he or she is 21 like in florida.

Is it true you can collect child support till your child is 21 in new york state?

Yes. see link

Does a parent have to support a child till 23 in Maryland?

For the state of Maryland in general, the support obligation ends when the child reaches 18 years of age or the child graduates from high school, whichever occurs last. A child will also automatically be ineligible for child support if that child marries, is removed from disability status by a court order, or the child dies.

Can you stop paying child support if your ex spouse moves to another state?

Not until the court order is up, or till the child is eighteen.

How long must you pay childsupport?

It depends on the language of the order for support and the laws of the State in which that order was entered. That being said in most cases the parent most pay child support till the youngest child is 0f the age of 18 but, if said child/ children are attending schooling after the age of 18 then the parent most continue to pay support till the age of 23 ...

What age do you have to pay child support till in Texas?

18 or graduation from high school, whichever is later.

Do you still pay child support when your child is 18 and still in high school?

yes you do if the parent the child is living with want to extend it till the end of secondary school yr

Does child support end if you move with the father until you find a place?

It don't stop till u stop it

Your x stoped child support and your son is going to college in AZ she has to pay till hes 21?

If the order specifically says that support runs through age 21, contact your State's child support agency. Be patient but persistent. Good luck!

Does child support stop when the mother gets married?

No...the father still has to provide for his kid till 18 sometimes longer

How long do you have to pay child support in Maryland?

Most, if not all states say till the child turns 18 years old, or completes (or no longer enrolled in) highschool, which ever is last. So they could be 19 1/2 and still child need your support.

If a seventeen year old from a divorce moves out of their parents home do they still receive the child support till they are eighteen?

18 is not the age for stopping child support in all states. If it is 18 in your state, by the time you get a court hearing the child will have aged out. see links below

When is the best time to buy baby clothes during pregnancy?

When you know what the sex of the child is going to be. If you desire to know , otherwise just buy unisex clothes till the child is born.

Was Failed in the secound grade can he still get child support till he graduates?

Yes, within the limitations of the law in individual states that set child support to the point of graduation from high school. In many states, this limit is age 19.see link

Can you get a lien put on you for back child support even though you have been making payments..and never got papers for child support till now?

Yes, as payment made without a court order is a gift. see links below

Do you still have to pay child support if my 20 year old daughter lives in FL with her mother and is attending college?

You only have to pay support up till the age of 18 then they are no longer a child but an adult you may have to split the college but that should be arranged by the court

What age must you pay child support till in Louisiana?

Until the age of 18, or if the child is still in high school it continues until the age of 19 or graduation, whichever comes first.

When would termination of child support be in the state of Iowa?

The court order states that when the child turns age 19, graduates high school, or is emancipated, which ever occurs first. So will it end in May after graduation or go on till my daughter turns 18. Just want to know what to expect.

If in collage does child support end?

That depends on what the custudy papers say; meaning that the parent that is paying may stop due to the agreement they signed. So it depends really some parents custudy papers state that this parent paying child support will pay till the child(ren) are by legal age or that they have to pay till they are in college or are in college so ask what the agreement was to see because every case varires to different ranges.

What if the father did not acknowledge paternity to the children out of wed lock till the age 40 what happen?

Once the child has reached majority, it's too late to establish a child support obligation. (There's a possible exception for a severely disabled child.)