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You downloaded a movie file which you cannot play or delete?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-19 20:43:39

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Explorer has crashed. reboot and delete the file from a DOS prompt.

2006-09-19 20:43:39
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How do you delete your file in Pokemon?

You cannot delete a file you can only save over a file sorry.

Why does my SD card contain loads of files that I cannot delete as it says Cannot delete file Cannot read from the source file or disk?

the file that you were deleting might be infected of a virus.

How can you delete downloaded ringtones on Samsung phones?

On my Samsung phone, you just browse through your downloaded sounds. Once a sound is selected, you can rename, delete, or view the specs of the file.

Why does file recovery no allow you to use the free downloaded software to recover a file?

Generally speaking, free downloaded software is shareware, which cannot enter the file system, that is why the file recovery does not allow free-downloaded software to recover a file.Recover a file is not an easy job all the time. Common free software does not have the ability to conduct the file recovery. As all file system does not deleted physically when user delete the files, it hides the deleted files there. However, the key point is that, the deleted files are inaccessible to general users or programs, users have to use some powerful tool to enter the file system to do the recovery. That is why the free-downloaded software or the shareware cannot recover a file.

What do you do if you have a Trojan.Vundo virus and Norton Antivirus cannot clean or delete the file?

Just use 'Search' to find the file and then delete it from the file/folder.

Should you delete the infected files from the avast virus chest?

This really depends on the file. If you have a useless malicious file, such as a infected downloaded file, that has no system importance, then yes, it would be recommended to delete that file. However if it is a infected system file or other important file DON'T delete it. Leave it in the virus chest and see if it is possible to repair it.

What is dom-x?

dom-x player is a malware program delete video file that you downloaded

You downloaded pan's labyrinth and you can't get the subtitles to play on your Creative Zen Vision M any ideas?

If the movie does contain the subtitles within the movie file itself then I don't know how to answer your question. If, however, the movie file you downloaded does not contain subtitles, then you probably downloaded a separate subtitle file (such as a .srt). Your Zen probably can't handle the subtitle file and thusly you should try to find a movie file that includes the subtitles you want in the movie itself, rather than as a separate subtitle file.

I have the movie downloaded why won't it sync into my iPod 4GB?

Depending on where you downloaded the movie from, there may be rights and limits to where or how it can be watched. Your ipod / itunes may not be capable to process that type of file, or the source of the file (where you downloaded it from) may be uncompatable for your ipod, or your ipod may not have enough memory / space to hold the movie.

How do I delete my RuneScape file?

You cannot delete a RuneScape file, but if it gets banned, all traces of the account (besides for Customer Service access) is removed.

How can you rename a file that says cannot rename file access is denied?

start windows on safemodeI had a problem like that. This worked for me!Path too long.Error cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or diskCannot delete file: Access is deniedThere has been a sharing violation.Cannot delete file or folder The file name you specifiedis not valid or too long. Specify a different file name.The source or destination file may be in use.The file is in use by another program or user.Error Deleting File or FolderMake sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.Path too deep.

How do you remove it from the parent folder?

If you mean how to delete a virus from whatever folder it came from, it's best to delete the entire folder. Use an Antivirus or see where the file was downloaded.

Why is it that I can delete some videos and not all videos that were downloaded the same time and same way?

because of different file sizes.

I keep getting this message error deleting file or folder cannot delete file cannot read from specified file or disk?

Long path tool can help on this situation.

How do you delete Pirates of the Caribbean file's?

If you downloaded it to your ''download file'' then you should go to documents click on downloads tab and right click on pirates delete than go to your recycling bin and delete it there to if you dont delete it in the RB it will still be running

How do you download a floppy disk?

Floppy disks cannot be downloaded; they are physical devices. The data on them, however, can be downloaded, just like any other file.

What is the torrent password for the movie crank2 high voltage from the torrent portal?

if yu downloaded a passworded file then you are stupid the file will not really be the movieprobably a virus

If you downloaded a movie how to you find it on your computer?

start, search, files and folders, type the name of the movie/file search.

How do you get rid of downloaded apps on the iPhone?

There should be a 'file manager' program on the handset - just use that to delete any unwanted content.

When watching movies on laptop via usb from smartphone it says downloading file Where is it downloaded to?

The movie is being downloaded to the smartphone and displayed on the laptop.

It says The specified module cannot be found.How do you delete a file that cannot be found?

You can't, because it doesn't exist.

Where can you download Poptropica as a nds file not rar file type?

Poptropica is not designed to be downloaded as any sort of file. If it is, it cannot interact with the site due to the change in keys.

How can you remove a downloaded file from the desktop?

If You're Talking About Deleting It Then Right Click The File And Click Delete. That Will Send It To The Recycle Bin. Then You Can Open Up Recycle Bin And Click Empty Which WIll Permanently Erase The File.

How do you delete your file on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3?

go to others, and select delete file, you will be asked to confirm your decisions, and if you say yes, you will be asked: are you sure? the deleted file cannot be recovered? Select yes then and the file wil start deleting

HOW to Delete blank torrent file from desktop.U downloaded a torrent file off of a website and it created the actual file that you used to download the file you wanted but it also created this blank 1?

use a Linux CD like ubuntu. run it without make installation.with Linux file explorer find blank torrent files and simple delete it. peri.nic.