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Q: You got 44000 rank in aieee which college you can got iam a reserved candidate of sc?
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How do you get an AIEEE result of a candidate by name?


Pass mark for admission aieee sc candidate?

pass mark for aieee 2009 for sc is 44

In aieee which college for 160 marks in 2009?

which college will i get if i score 160-170 in aieee 2009 in India

What is the passing mark for aieee 2012 for all candidate?

to crack aieee exam you need to score atleast 50%.....that means as the total marks of aieee is 360 you need to score 180 to pass aieee....

What college will you get if your rank in aieee is upto 400000 and state rank in mp is 16000?

my rank in aieee is 25189 what college i will get

List of top 20 rpet colleges?

(1). MBM Engineering college, Jodhpur. (RPET, AIEEE) (2). University college of engineering, Kota. (RPET, AIEEE) (3). JECRC, Jaipur. (RPET, AIEEE) (4). SKIT, Jaipur. (RPET, AIEEE) (5). GIT, Jaipur. (RPET, AIEEE) (6). Poornima college of engineering, Jaipur. (RPET, AIEEE) (7). Compucom Institute of Technology & Management. (RPET, AIEEE) (8). BK Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani (RPET, AIEEE) (9). Modi Institute, Lakshmangarh (RPET, AIEEE)

You have 83 marks in aieee 2010 what can you expect?

i have 83 marks in aieee 2010 which college i can expect

Ranking of aieee colleges my ranking is 175000?

my rank is 175300 in aieee result, which college could i expect?

What if your AIEEE rank is 230226 and state rajasthan rank is 19182 which college?

retake the AIEEE! what else can u do.

Can a nepali citizen candidate appear in aieee?

Yes, you can definitely apply for AIEEE provided you fulfill other eligibility criteria Source:

Do the thiagaraja college of engineering accepts AIEEE entrance?

No .

What collage with 25000 AIEEE rank?

bakwas college