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You got paper white out on fabric how do you get it out?

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Step 1.

Use WD 40 liberally on both sides of the stain. Allow the WD-40 to penetrate through the stain. The stain will begin to loosen. Test by touching the stain. Small flecks of the white out should begin to come loose. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2. Lay the clothing on a clean white towel. Sponge nail polish remover onto both sides of the stain. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat the application of nail polish remover and continue to rinse until the stain is removed. Rinse the stained area thoroughly.

Step 3. Finally, to remove any hidden traces of the stain, apply a stain stick, spray, or gel to the stained area and wash normally.

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The paper-bag is a great fabric for scrapbooking for children, cheap and very effective.

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bleached white

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i have a jean that got fabric paint on it , but now i want to take it off. how do i do that? i have a jean that got fabric paint on it , but now i want to take it off. how do i do that?

What is white paper?

White paper is a sheet of paper that is completely white and is mostly used for printers.

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Most people use paper towels instead of toe pads but other than that, you can use dish washing paper, without soap (blue and white patterned) soft fabric/paper material

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Scissors are a tool for cutting fabric and paper

Why Freezer paper won't stick to fabric?

why freezer paper won't stick to fabric ? Every manufcture has a different quallity in the product and the compossition of plastic. As the information I had, they use wax mixture for plastic polyethylene to cover the paper, which make it will not get stick to fabric either to the paper it self when heat it,and freezer paper is not suitable to use for wraping hot food which some times people do it for faster wraping . the second, thermoplastic wax mixture has lower degree coefficient of melting to compare with the fabric and paper.

If you draw on gray hoodie fabric with sharpie markers will it look good?

As with all artwork, the time taken with the artwork determines if the work is good. Make your design on paper first. Sharpie markers are permanent and they don't come out, so it is worthwhile to finish your design on paper first and then copy it to the fabric. Remember that the colors will not be as bright on gray as on white paper, so adjust accordingly.

How do you get candlewax off microfiber upholstelry?

The old-fashioned way to remove dried candle wax from fabric was to cover said fabric with thick brown paper, then using a warm iron on top of the paper, allow the wax to melt. The brown paper will absorb the liquid wax, thus removing it from the fabric.

How do you make a new Alice in Wonderland dress?

if you go to walmart, they have templates in the fabric section, but the fabric used is blue and white checkered, and white.

What is pve glue used for?

There is no such glue. You must be meaning PVA - this is the main ingredient of white glues.+++ Then to answer the question, its primary uses are for glueing wood, paper & card, and fabric.

How do currency paper differ from normal paper?

i belive currency paper is made of cotton and linen or somthin fabric like, when paper is made of wood

How can you make cotton fabric white?

put in into some white dye

Which kind of fabric will burn the fastest?

paper diped in gasoline

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Yes. All paper currency has two sides

What do you call a technique when the art is made out of piece of paper and fabric and photographs etc glue to a surface?

Art made of pieces of paper, fabric and photographs, etc. glued to a surface is called a collage

Why you should not use fabric cutting tools fot cutting paper?

Paper is a much more rigid substance than fabric, so your scissors will dull faster from cutting paper. Then, when you need a crisp edge on your fabric cut, your scissors may not be sharp enough to cut the fabric cleanly. I know that my mother scolded me roundly if I ever even thought about using her sewing scissors to cut paper - she'd always say that's what the kitchen scissors are for!

How do you remove stains from paper money?

US paper money is actually not paper, it is fabric. You can put it in a lingerie bag and wash it in the washing machine.

What is hot foil printing?

Foil printing is to print some pattern with the foil on the fabric or paper for shinny effect. There are 2 kind of foil printing method. First, pattern is printed by glue on the fabric or paper, and then pressed with foil paper by hot steel roller. Second is printing on the foil paper first, and then press the foil on the fabric or paper. Of course with hot steel roller or iron. Foil paper look like cooking foil, but it is called the stamping foil paper. Actually it is not the paper but the detachable foil film on the plastic base.