You got pregnant while using a condom how did this happen?


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The condom broke


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you can not get pregnant while using a condom that is properly fitted and an is in good order.

Not very likely at all that you'd get pregnant but it does happen

It makes no difference in or out of the shower while having intercourse; if your not on the pill or not using a condom, it is usually east to get pregnant.

A condom is good protection, but no birth control is 100% effective.

Condoms are not 100% effective, they can break or leak during use. So it is possible to get pregnant while using condoms, though considerably less likely.

It is not easy to become pregnant while wearing a condom. You cannot become pregnant while wearing a condom unless the condom rips, tears or falls off during intercourse.

There are good chances of falling pregnant while using a condom as the conden may burst...!!! Its better to go for a urine pregnancy test on the 4th week after having sex...!!! or look for pregnancy related symptoms...

The chance of becoming pregnant while on the pill is less than 1% with perfect use (never missing a pill and taking the pill at the same time every day). With typical use, the chance is around 3%. So the likelihood of becoming pregnant while on the pill, but while not using a condom, is very low.

While using a condom it is not possible to get pregnant.

Pregnancy while the male partner is wearing a condom that is not damaged in anyway and if there is no entry into the vagina, just cant happen.

Yes there are no 100% methods of birth control except a hysterectomy.

it is about 5-7% that you could get pregnant if you used protection. unless the condom had broken then it is more likely.

If he's wearing a condom, the chances are low

If he had a condom on that was in good condition he would not be able to get you pregnant even if he ejaculated while within you. You see the condom is a barrier that stops semen bearing sperm from entering your vagina, uterus and onto the ovum when it is there,

Chances are almost zip. Especially with a condom. As long as he didn't ejaculate in you it's pretty much 0% even without a condom.

no i am not even sure "more pregnant" is a thing

The best way is to get horny and wet then get ur sex partner to give you what you want

Yes it is perfectly safe to use a condom while pregnant. as a mater of fact it is safer as it reduces the rick of picking up an STD.

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