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Q: You had intercourse then came on the next day for 2 days and was very light could i be pregnant?
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If you had intercourse the day before you came on your period very light for 2 days could you be pregnant?


If a guy and girl were hugging in a pool with suits on and he only pre came could she be pregnant?

The only way woman can become pregnant is through intercourse. So, no.

You have signs of being pregnant but you had a light period and 3 test came up negative could you still be pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if you had a light period for 2 days an it came 2 weeks early?

Yes congrats

I have had my period for this month and I think you may be pregnant because your boyfriend and you have not used any condoms at all and he came in me each time we've had intercourse?

u could still be pregnant ... go take a test asap

If he pre came on your leg could you be pregnant?


My nuva ring came out during intercourse during the second week of use and I didn't notice it until the next night Is there a chance I could be pregnant?

As no birth control is 100%, and as it apparently didn't exist for one night, then yes, there is a chance you could be pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you miss the last pill but came your period and he came inside?

If you forget to take you pill there is a chance that you could be pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if she has been taking birth control for nearly three months and he used a condom during intercourse but the condom managed to come off as he pulled out and came?

It is a very low possibility.

Your last period was red and brown this month it came 5 days early in is very light could you be pregnant?

no that's completely normal

What if your boyfriend came inside of you?

Theres a chance you could get pregnant

What are the chances of getting pregnant right after your period if your boyfriend came in you?

You could be pregnant - take a test

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