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Possibly discharge?

Discharge-fluid that gets out of vagina after period. it cleans out vagina

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Q: You had your period towards the end of January and you are still peeing a lot?
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You thought you were pregnant but you got your period are you?

It is normal for some females to still have a period during the first trimester of their pregnancy. If you think you may be pregnant get tested. It is as simple as peeing into a cup.

Why does your trained male dog keep peeing your the couch?

If your dog is still peeing on the couch, then you have not trained him/her well enough yet.

Your last period was in November and its the middle of January and still no period?

i have fibriods i found out November of 2007 and i was having irregular periods. in 08 no periods was irregular expect when i came on in November and didnt come on in December and here it is January 14,2009 and i still havent came on what is going on

What age does the child stop peeing in the bed?

Usually at age 7 if ur child is 7 -16 and is still peeing the bed take them to the doctor my son is 15 and he cant stop peeing the bed

Am i pregnant i used condoms and he pulled out i'm not sick and if anything i'm less hungry then you were before i feel like i'm peeing a lot more then normal period in 3 days hopefully any ideas?

I doubt you are pregnant, but i would still take a test just in case ( only if you dont get you period in three days ). You could just be drinking alot of water to be peeing alot dont worry so much on that!

How do stars prevent themselves from peeing their pants?

Stars prevent themselves from peeing their pants by using the bathroom. Even on live television, there are still opportunities to use the bathroom.

Why do dogs walk while peeing?

Not all dogs walk while peeing, depending on the gender and type of dog, they often stand still or squat. Those that do walk while peeing probably do so because it is more efficient than stopping

Why did you skip your period have headaches everyday and are very moody?

I had a period at the beginning of January and at the end of January. Skipped February and it still hasn't come. I have headaches everyday when I wake up, and very very moody. I'm trying to figure out what the reason for this would be?

Why is your 3 month old puppy still peeing in the house?

because the puppy is not trained.

Can i still have a period but at the same time pregnancy symptoms and tests show negative?

You can still have one period and still be pregent You can still have one period and still be pregent You can still have one period and still be pregent

My last period started December 15th. I took test January 28th and got a positive I took another test January 29th and it was negative and still have not gotten my period?

If this is not the 1-3 year of your period, which it most likely is not, you are most likely pregnant. You should go to the doctor and maybe get a blood test to check and make sure.

If you was on the birth control shot from 2004 until October of 2007 If you have not had a menstrual cycle since January of 2007 Am you still ovulating without having a menstrual period?

No. You cannot ovulate without having a period.

Why does a dog who has been reprimanded for peeing inside and who has access to outside still pee occasionally inside?

He/she probably still can faintly smell the pee even if you cleaned it up. what you should do is clean every place he/she normally pees with vinegar. it won't smell good but it will detur the dog from peeing there again.

You are urinating quite a lot and have done a pregnancy test 3 days before period which was negative could you still be pregnant or do you have an infection you are very worried?

You could be prenant. Go to the doctor to find out why your peeing so much. You could have a infection or you could be pregnant. You need to wait till your period is a few days late then do a pregnancy test

Why do you wet the bed at the age of 13?

If your 13,and your still peeing everywhere you need some medical help NOW!

How can you still can pregnant and get your period?

It is rare, but you can be pregnant and still get your period.

What does it mean when you still on your period after your period?

It means that you still on your period and it will stop shortly.If it doesnt get medical help.

Old cat peeing all over house had uti although she got better but shes still peeing everywhere dad threataning to put her down please help?

Try to get the pet diapers. The pets like them a lot and so do dads.

Can a girl still-masturbate-on-her-period?

Yes she can still masturbate while on her period.

Why does my cat keep peeing puddles in my house even though it still uses its litter tray?

Either it is sick or it is upset about something.

Could you be pregnant if you're over a week late and think you had implantation bleeding but an hpt was negative despite nausea bloating peeing and irratability?

Yes, you could still be pregnant. A negative could just mean that the HCG hormone was not strong enough at the time of testing. You could retest or see a doctor to confirm your suspcions or put your mind at ease if your period still does not show.

Do you still have a period after a sterilization?

My wife was sterilized 21 years ago and she still has her period.

Can you be anorexic and still have a period?

yes they can still have a period, but not for long, if the anorexia goes untreated.

Can you still be pregnant and your period come on and still feel pregnant?

Typically if you get your period you are not pregnant.

Can a woman going through menopous who is no longer having a monthly period still get pregnant?

If she is no longer having a monthly period, but still has her period occasionally, it is still possible for her to get pregnant.