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Highly unlikely!

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Could there be aleak in coolant tube?

Yes, there could always be a leak in coolant tubes. Most tubes are made from rubber and rubber + old age = cracks and stretching

What is assorted rubber bungs used for?

Rubber bungs of different sizes to seal/close test tubes/boiling tubes/conical flasks.

What are the bike tire tubes made of?


On a peavey 5150 original there is a knob inside the amp to the left of the tubes What does it do?

it could be to bias the tubes, depends if the knop is in the preamp or poweramp sections (you dont need to bias preamp tubes)

What materials are used to make inner tubes?


What is inside a stem?


Why was scrap rubber collected during World War 2?

Rubber, along with tin cans, lipstick tubes, and pantiehoes could be very helpful in the war effort. Panitehoes were made into parachutes, lipstick tubes into machine gun rounds, tin cans into tanks, and rubber into gas masks, life rafts, scout car tires, and heavy bomber planes.

What is Madras Rubber Factory?

The factory situated at chennai and they manufacturing rubber products mainly automobile tyres and tubes.

What are the tubes called inside the kidneys?

The tubes from the kidneys to the bladder are called ureters.

What plant does not have tubes inside?


What is a rubber cork?

Rubber corks are commonly used in labs with test tubes as a stopper. The rubber corks are used on flask as well. The function of the rubber cork is to keep the contents in the container.

Why are there rubber sleeves on evacuated tubes?

Because rubber is harder to brake than most materials out there and it doesnt attrack electricity

Definition of rubber stoppers?

a test rubber stopper is used to close the tops of test tubes and flasks.It's like a cork to close off narrow-mouthed things like bottles, test tubes and flasks, except it's made of rubber and not cork.

If you are naked and accidentally fall into a vat of sperm could you be pregnant?

yes because it can fertilize your egg inside your falopine tubes.

What do the Eustacian tubes do?

The Eustacian tubes allow the pressure on inside the ear and out to remain equal.

How the rate of diffusion principal is used while filling rubber tubes to increase the speed of vehicles?

Explain how rate of diffusion principle is used while filling air in the rubber tubes to increase the speed of the vehicles.

What structure sweeps the egg into the fallopian tube?

at the end of the fallopian tubes, you have the fimbriae. They actively pull the ovum inside the fallopian tubes. Inside the fallopian tubes you have the cilia to to push the ovum towards the uterus.

What are the tubes inside the kidneys the called?


How will you collect gas from the bottom of the lake?

Put on all equipment needed to survive in water.Put rubber tubes in both of the holesPut test tubes over both openings of the tubes to capture the gas.Now put the rubber stops (without holes) over the test tubes to prevent the gas from escaping .Take to the laboratory for testing.

What color of tubes for fasting glucose?

The tubes used for fasting glucose is the SST tubes. The tubes are clear in color. The stoppers for the tubes are gold and red gray in color. The tubes contain a gel inside for separating the blood.

What makes the blood flow inside the tubes or blood vessel?

Contractions and relaxation of heart chambers make the blood flow inside the tubes or blood vessel.

How do they make rubber bands?

Rubber bands are made by extruding the rubber into a long tube to provide its general shape, putting the tubes on mandrels, curing the rubber with heat, and then slicing it across the width of the tube into little bands.

What is the name of the rubber tubes sticking up from the ice that holds the goal in hockey?


What are the lots of small tubes inside are lungs?


What are the tubes inside the kidneys called?

They are called nephrons! :)