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You have a 1979 nickel or silver Canadian penny but the outer edge is smooth like a Canadian nickel Is this worth anything?


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It's silver because its a centennial quarter and made of silver, Thus not painted and not depreciating the value. unfortunately out of a set it will usually only fetch around 10$ in an auction unless someone is desperate to finish their collection.


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A nickel has a smooth edge. No ridges.

Brushed nickel has a brushed dull finish. Polished nickel has a smooth shiny surface.

It has a smooth edge because it's worn, not because of a minting error. Silver-alloy coins were softer than modern copper-nickel ones and they wore out a lot faster. That means it's only worth its silver value, about $2.75 as of 10/2009

A dime is smaller than a nickel. A nickel is worth less than a dime. A dime has a ridged side, while a nickel is smooth and thicker.

silver can be as smooth or as rough as the refining process makes it

Silver can be smooth or rough, depending on how the refining process makes it.

I have a Canadian Dime 1980 with smooth edges too but have no idea how much it is worth

A quarter is bigger than a nickle. Also, a quarter has ridges all around the edge whereas a nickel has smooth edges

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There are no ridges on a US Penny or the US Nickel, the edges are smooth.

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The smooth edge means that the coin is either quite worn or someone had a file and too much time on their hands. Either way, Kennedy halves are so common that in circulated condition they're pretty much worth their metal value only:1964: About 1/3 of the current price of an ounce of silver1965-69: About 1/7 the price of an ounce of silver1971-present: 50 cents. These coins are copper-nickel, not silver.

silver is responsible for reflecting property of old times smooth silver pieces were used as mirrors but they got corroded easily .

This tradition goes back hundreds of years. Coins made of precious metal have ridges or lettering on the edges so unscrupulous people cannot scrape a few cents worth of gold off the edge to sell and then spend the coin for its full value. Base metal such as nickel, copper, aluminum, and zinc have such a low value it would not be worth your time to 'shave' a nickel. Even though dimes, quarters, and half dollars are no longer made of silver the edge reeding has been retained. The Anthony and Sacagawea Dollars have smooth edges but the Presidential Dollars have lettered edges.

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Penny, nickel, susan b. The SBA. dollar has reeds, the 2000-2006 Sacagawea dollar has no reeds but in 2007 the date and mintmark was moved to the edge of the coin. Now only the penny and nickel have plain edge's.

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