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Disconnect the battery and leave it disconnected for at least 30 minutes, or have someone with a scanner, erase the code.

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Q: You have a 2000 ford Taurus which failed the emissions test today was told it was the bank 1sensor 2 heater failure replaced now how do you clear the ecu?
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What causes the check engine to come on your 1992 Ford Taurus?

There is a problem with the emissions system.

What happened to the Taurus 357 of 1980's?

Replaced by other models.

Does Ford Taurus 1994 have timing belt?

The Taurus SHO has a timing belt that must be replaced every 100,000 miles. All other Ford Taurus's have a chain that should last the life of the engine.

What causes the speedometer to be intermittent on a 1997 Ford Taurus and how is it fixed?

Have the speed sensor replaced.

How many catalytic converters on a 2002 ford taurus?

I just had mine replaced and there were 3 total.

What size transmission pan in a Ford Taurus?

The size of a transmission pan in a Ford Taurus is usually 5/16x18. However, this may vary if you've had the pan replaced in the past.

How do you repair 2003 Ford Taurus rear catalytic converter?

You can't repair it. It must be replaced.You can't repair it. It must be replaced.

What is the most common emissions control failure on a 1997 Ford Taurus?

Some of the most popular questions related to the EGR system - 401 trouble-code. Lots of good information regarding the EGR, DPFE sensor and testing - cleaning. See "Related Questions" below for more

When should timing belt be replaced 2004 Ford Taurus?

Never. The Taurus engines...both the Vulcan and the Duratec V6s...both have a timing CHAIN that lasts the life of the engine, not a timing belt.

How do you reset a check engine light on a Ford Taurus 2002?

This is most often caused by part of the emissions equipment not working. Replacing PCV often fixes it.

What does code p0191 mean on 2006 ford Taurus 3.0?

Fuel rail pressure sensor circuit failure/range/performance.

Why would a '96 Taurus lose power steering and radio?

I had this exact problem on my 1996 Taurus. The solution in my case was to replace the transmission range sensor. I replaced it myself. It was easy to change. I can't say if that is what is wrong with your Taurus, but it was what was wrong with mine. Good Luck! This was also the problem with my '96 Taurus... part was also refferd to a Nuetral Safty Switch"

What is the engine trouble code p0340 and how to fix it on a Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?

P0340 means Camshaft Position Sensor Your cam position sensor or the wiring leading to it has gone bad. It will cause occasional rough running and hard starting until it is replaced. If you live in a county that does emissions testing, your car WILL FAIL unless it is fixed.

Can a power antenna be replaced with a fix antenna on a Taurus wagon '04?

Yes; ask your parts counter guy, and he will direct you to a replacement.

Spongy peddle after replaced master cylinder on 1996 Taurus WHY?

You need to "bleed" the brakes at each wheel. R

What is the approximate cost to fix blown head gasket on 2000 Ford Taurus?

I'm not sure if this helps but I have a 97 Ford Taurus and thought i had to have mine replaced (ended up being the actual heads) and was going to run me 900 and that was the cheapest estimate i got I'm not sure if this helps but I have a 97 Ford Taurus and thought i had to have mine replaced (ended up being the actual heads) and was going to run me 900 and that was the cheapest estimate i got

How to fix a 1996 Ford Taurus that has no cruise control and no heat-can a failure in one cause the other?

Check fuses. They both could have the same fuse.

What would be the cause of a misfire 1 and 5 in a 2001 Ford Taurus I have replaced coils plugs plug cables and injectors?

Ignition module.

How do you replace the CV joints on a 1995 Ford Taurus?

The CV joints on a 1995 Ford Taurus can be replaced by removing the front tires, and the nuts on the lower ball joint. Next, the lower ball joint will need to be removed and the CV joint can be removed.

Are a Taurus girl and Taurus boy compatible?

Generally speaking a Taurus - Taurus relationships tend to be harmonious.

Where can you get a pcv valve 90 degree elbow for a 2000 Taurus with v6-flex fuel?

Just replaced mine. Dealer item only. $21

How do you replace fuel pump in 2003 Ford Taurus?

The fuel pump on a 2003 Ford Taurus is replaced by lowering the gas tank, disconnecting the fuel lines, removing the wiring harness, and lifting the pump out of the tank. A new pump can then be lowered into place and reattached.

Where is evaporative emissions purge control valve solenoid on 1999 Ford Taurus located?

its under the hood on the passanger side on thefender wall its a 2 in cilinder piece attacher to a rather large hoes

Steam from heater box Ford Taurus 1989 I've had it replace one before It' a 1989 3.0l wagon?

Looks like it may have to replaced again

How do you reset engine emissions amber light on dash board of 2000 Ford Taurus?

Disconnect the battery for several minutes. But if you don't fix the PROBLEM that caused it to go on in the first place, it will just come back on.

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