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Your mother is not a legal party to the loan in any way whatsoever. You or the borrower would have to be disabled.

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What is a hardship parole and how can a person qualify for it in Texas?

what is a hardship parole and who quilifys in texas

How old do you have to be to get a hardship in Tennessee?

In the state of Tennessee, if you are 14 years old, then you may be able to qualify for a hardship license. It will cost $9.

Does osteoarthritis qualify you for disability benefits?

That depends on where you are. In Australia for instance if you are disabled as the result of any thing you qualify.

Should disabled athletes be allowed to qualify for Olympics Games?

yes because disabled people have the same rights as everyone else

What does a guarantee renewable disability insurance policy guarantee?

A guaranteed renewable disability insurance policy guarantees that you can renew it; in other words, in the event that you do become disabled, and you are collecting disability payments under your policy, they are not going to tell you that since you are disabled, you do not qualify to renew the policy (which, of course, would entirely defeat the purpose of having bought the insurance in the first place, which is to protect yourself from financial hardship in the event that you become disabled).

Can you qualify for a service dog for loss of sense of smell?

To qualify for a Service Animal, one needs to be disabled. If the loss of smell causes a person a disability then one can qualify for a Service Animal. The Service Animal MUST be able to help the disabled person accomplish something. This site has helped me a lot. sdog.danawheels.net/

Are personal student loans discharged when filing chapter 7?

In most cases no. They follow you for life. There are some very limited hardship forgiveness provisions. Getting run over by an uninsured bus and ending up paralyzed might qualify you. But if he bus was insured they will wait and collect from any settlement.

Where can a student get help with a defaulted loan?

If that's a federally backed loan, it can't be usually be discharged in bankruptcy although there are exceptions, but they do forgive loans for a number of reasons.From the Stafford loan site;Under certain circumstances, the federal government will cancel all or part of an educational loan. This practice is called "loan forgiveness". To qualify for Federal loan forgiveness, you must:Perform volunteer workqualify for public service loan forgivenessPerform military serviceTeach or practice medicine in certain types of communitiesMeet other criteria specified by the forgiveness programsee their web site for the other forgiveness criteria they have you might meet. Most of them seem to be tied to public safety, teaching, or health care work, schools that disappeared before the program ended, the cosigner or the student has died, the student becomes totally and permanently disabled, but check carefully to see if you qualify under one of the many provisions.

Are you allow to apply for a learner's license at the age of 14?

It depends on the state. If you qualify, you can apply for a "hardship license" at age 14.

If you are disabled how can you get more money to meet your needs?

By applying for social security disability benefits. If you do not have enough work quarters to qualify, there is another program called SSI. It is specifically for the disabled and/or persons over 65 who do not qualify for regular SS. Contact your local SSA office.

What are the terms of student loan forgiveness?

There are multiple ways to qualify for student loan forgiveness depending on the type of loan one has received. Some of the ways to qualify are military service, volunteer work, teaching in low income schools, and medical or legal work in a non-profit environment. Loan forgiveness varies for each individual and should be researched based on the type of loan received.

Is there any way to escape student loans?

You may qualify for forgiveness for some public service, if you die, or if you become permanently and totally disabled. Student loans may be discharged in bankruptcy under very extreme circumstances. For most people, repayment is the ONLY way to make them go away.

Do the disabled qualify for a Roth IRA?

You qualify for a Roth IRA if you have qualifying income. Being disabled is not the factor that determines eligibility. You need to speak with a tax professional to determine if your income qualifies you for a Roth account. You can read more about Roth IRA accounts at the link provided below.

Can you collect unemployment with a disability?

Merely being disabled does not qualify you for unemployment benefits. You have to be ready, willing, and ABLE to accept a full time work immediately, and if you were disabled, it would depend on the extent of your disability. If the disability were job related (injury, etc.) then you probably qualify for workers compensation.

Is there business grants for disabled?

Yes, there are grants for disabled. We research and send LOI's, RFP's. We can try and qualify you during our free, no obligation qualifying consultation. Call us 206-202-8011.

How can you include a student loan in a bankruptcy if only your husband works and you care for your kids and one is disabled?

If the loan is federally funded it is not dischargeable in bankruptcy. In rare cases federally funded student loans can be forgiven (cancelled) if the student debtor qualifies as a "hardship case". Usually this applies to a person who is disabled to the extent that they would never be gainfully employed nor have the ability to repay the loan. Contact the lending institution that handled the loan agreement to find out if you might qualify.

Are you eligible for unemployment insurance if you have to quit your job to care for your disabled child?

Some states consider family medical needs in determining eligibility for benefits. Your disabled child might qualify for Supplemental Security Income.

Can you qualify for unemployment in NYS if your employer changes your hours and it causes a hardship to you?

Yes and No. Depends on certain factors. But, yes you can file a claim. Call NYS AWFI.

How does government Social Security benefit an individual in the United States?

Government Social Security benefit can help an individual if they are to become disabled. To qualify for this benefit you would first have to meet medical criteria and qualify for this benefit.

How do I qualify for Medicaid in Texas?

If you aren't a low-income senior citizen, or pregnant and low income, or a child under 19 years of age, or somehow disabled and collecting SSI, or an illegal immigrant using someone else's ID-- you won't qualify. Trust me, I'm middle aged and not disabled and I've been denied several times.

How do you drive legal when having suspension license?

Depending on the situation you may qualify for a hardship or provisional license that allows you to drive to work, school, etc. Contact the DMV.

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