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get the whole care re wired also dont turn on your hazard lights!!!

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Q: You have a problem with the hazard lights on your 1984 Ford F-350 when you turn on the hazard lights and apply the brakes the hazard lights stop blinking when brakes are released they resume binking?
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Blinking brake light on your dash what does this mean?

your park brakes are on

Why would an ABS be blinking dodge ram 1500 2003?

It is blinking because there is a problem with the Antilock Brake System (ABS). Seek professional help. Your normal brakes will still work as they should even though the ABS may not.

What if you have a problem with the brakes on the Town and Country van?

What to do if you have a problem with the brakes on the Town and Country van

Brakes on a vauxhall?

vauxhalls do have brakes what is the problem with them ? what model ?

Do maxi brakes fail?

They can if the brakes are out of adjustment or have a mechanical problem.

How are brakes repaired?


Your car pull when you brake?

You have a problem with the brakes, have a mechanic check it out soon before you have no brakes.

How do you tighten brakes on a 2002 Honda 400?

You have disc brakes front and rear. Disc brakes are self adjusting. If the brakes are poor, you have a problem and it needs attention.

Fix pulsating brakes on ford expedition 2004?

Change your brake rotor and brakes. problem solve

Can spongy brakes be caused by problem with ABS Controller?

Spongy brakes are caused by air in the brake lines.

Lost power brakes in 95 blazer brakes still work but hard?

Vacume problem or problem with booster/insufficient fluid, leak check those things.

2004 Buick LaSabre Why does ABS light remain on after brakes and wheel bearing replaced?

Because there is a problem with the ABS. Replacing the brakes and wheel bearings will not fix this problem. Seek professional help to diagnose the problem.

Is it possible to fix your brakes yourself?

Yes it is possible to replace brakes yourself. If you have the tools and a little background in cars, you should not have a problem replacing the brakes on the car.

When you apply the brakes hard the vehicle has a pull which is accompanied by a vibration?

If the car vibrates when the brakes are applied, it could be a sign that the brakes or rotors need to be checked or replaced. When a problem like this occurs, it is best to get it checked out as soon as possible to avoid worsening the problem.

When the panel says brake does that has something to do with the back brakes which not working?

It means there is brake problem somewhere, maybe the back brakes.

Where are the brakes on a normal road bike?

In normal use this is not a problem, as the brakesare applied with limited force and ..... Disc brakesare used mainly on mountain bikes ridden off-road.

When driving your car you hear a squeal every time you press the brakes You decide the problem is that there's a mouse trapped in the brakes?


What is the cost to repair brakes?

The average cost to repair your brakes varies according to what is actually wrong with the brakes. The estimated cost for your problem is around seventy-five to one hundred dollars.

Why do the brakes on 2005 Chevy Suburban squeak?

brakes squeeks can be caused by dust and dirt on the brakes, but usually on a chev, this is caused by the brake pads,with the removal of asbestos and the adding of more metal to compensate, chev brakes are renowned for this problem

Can you help me fix the brakes on my tracker?

not a problem, bring it over Saturday and we will do it then.

Are 1990 Chevy 1500 brakes ineffective?

If your brakes are ineffective, you have a problem, part of that problem is that your truck is 23 years old. Why don't you change the fluid, replace the front pads and rear shoes. Replace the front rotors and rear drums. Inspect the rubber brake lines as they may be collapsing. Replace the master cylinder. Do all this if it is all necessary and I bet you have good brakes again. Fix the problem or problems and you will not have ineffective brakes.

What caused brakes to go flat down when mash?

It could be air in the brake line, or the brakes getting too hot from too much friction by using the brakes on a steep hill or riding the brakes, or there could be a problem with the master cylinder.

When driving your car you hear a squeal every time you press the brakes. You decide the problem is that there's a mouse trapped in the brakes?

Then you should get a cat. The problem is not a mouse- the problem is that your brakes are wearing out. They are designed to make a noise to tell you that. Skip the cat, take your car to a shop where a mechanic can replace the worn parts. They can check for mice at the same time.

Antilock brakes always on?

If your ABS light stays on you have a problem with the ABS and it is not functioning. Until the problem is fixed the light will remain on.

Does anyone have any information on 2001 Pontiac grand am emergency brakes or any diagrams of the parking brakes?

What is the problem?I can help you, be more specific. Ben