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Is oil based paint more durable than water based paint?


What are some positive effects of lead based paints?

Very durable.

Can you epoxy paint over an existing oil based paint?

The epoxy will stick really well to the oil based paint......but your outcome will depend on how well the existing oil based paint is attached to the item.

Can a guardian be appointed if someone else has durable power of attorney?

Yes. In New Jersey at least, a guardian may be appointed for someone even though there is a durable power of attorney. State laws determine who may be appointed guardian. These are usually based upon the relationship between the person in need of a guardian and the person who wants to be guardian. E.g. a spouse has the first right to be guardian over all others. This is often done for the purpose of extinguishing an existing Durable POA. The court appointment of a guardian will extinguish any Durable POA.

How high should shower head be?

Very high. 6'4"-6'6" from bottom of tub or shower to center of shower head.

What song is lmfao party rock anthem based on?

Champaign shower

Which material is most durable for outdoor patio rugs?

Bamboo is one of the most durable materials for patio rugs. You might also look for rugs made out of petroleum based products.

What was the first animated Disney film not based on an existing story?


What makes oak coffee tables more durable then others?

Oak coffee tables are more durable than others because of the finish. The resins in the oak coffee tables make the finish more durable than others. It has an oil based finish that helps the durability.

What type of benchmark is based on an existing condition which is considered desirable?

Current example

Which is the primary advantage of creating a new query based on an existing query?

It saves time if your new query uses the same fields as the existing query.

How does Nike Pegasus for men compare to other shoes?

Based on the reviews it is more durable than most and has good support. Some brands have similar shoes, but not as durable as the Nike Pegasus. They have many options for them also.

Is u2 aircraft based on existing design?

The U-2 was based on a design from the early 1950's - 60 years ago !

Starting a new software development project based on an existing code is called?


What can we do in dos based c and that we can't in windows based c?

Access the hardware directly: possible in DOS, not possible in Windows.

What fabric would be very durable for a college kid's futon covers?

A cotton based fabric will be durable as well as easy to work with for a futon cover. It is important to make sure that the cover is washable to help extend its life.

Can you put water based solid stain on a deck with oil based stain on it?

You should check the label on the specific product you're planning to use. If the label states it will adhere to wood with an existing coating, then it's fine to use even over an oil-based stain. (This is because once thoroughly dried, oil-based stains behave the same as water-based stains.) Some products, however, will require the existing stain to be stripped from the wood, or to apply a primer coat over the existing finish before applying new stain.

Legal and regulatory influences on Financial Statements?

The legal and regulatory generally influences the financial statements according to the existing laws. The legality of the financial statements are based on the existing laws.

A composition of two or more voices one of which is based on a previously existing chant melody?


Which is better for painting furniture - latex or oil-based paint?

Oil based paint is the most durable for furniture refinishing, however if you are unable to purchase oil-based paints in your area, there are water-based alternatives that dry nearly as hard.

What are the differences between oil paint and emulsion paint?

Oil paint is oil based and can have a hard glossy finish. Emulsion paint is water based, less glossy and not so durable.

How many possible nets are there for a square based pyramid?

There are 8 possible nets

Where can one buy Christmas themed shower curtains?

When looking for shower curtains the best place to look is Bed Bath and Beyond. This store offers nearly every type of shower curtains and also run themes based on ideas such as Christmas. This being said online they do list Christmas themed shower curtains for very low prices.

Can you paint soffit vents?

Soffit vents can be painted as long as they are appropriately primed based on their existing finish.

Which is more durable oil or Polyurethane wood flooring?

Polyurethane comes in two forms, oil-based or water-based. Both are quite durable. Oil-based poly is slightly amber or golden-colored, so it will give a golden glow to your wood. Water-based poly dries crystal-clear so it won't change the color of your floors at all. There are some oil-modified versions of polyurethane on the market now, available to consumers, which are still soap-and-water clean-up like water-based polys. These oil-modified polys tend to be more durable than ordinary polyurethane. To minimize the appearance of scratches and wear later, choose a satin-finish instead of gloss.