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There are many causes of nausea. Nausea associated with pregnancy doesn't usually begin at the very early stage.

Get a pregnancy test from the drug store. no you have been possessed by Satan

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Has lady gaga ever been pregnant?

yes, she had been pregnant but she had an abortion so she has been pregnant two times but she had abortion

When was Two Nights with Cleopatra created?

Two Nights with Cleopatra was created in 1953.

If you have been off the birth control for two weeks and are on antibiotics can you get pregnant?

yes you can get pregnant but you have to be careful

Can a woman be pregnant with two babies of different ages?

Its been recorded that a woman did indeed get pregnant while she was already pregnant, but I think it was due to the fact that she had two uteruses.

What is the duration of Two Nights with Cleopatra?

The duration of Two Nights with Cleopatra is 1.3 hours.

What are first signs of pregnancy?

I have been pregnant twice and both times experienced symptoms really early on before missed period.  I am now 7 dpo and i feel nauseas, metal taste in mouth, tired and cramps.  I am not due my test for another 10 days but it is the same as my first two pregnancy but everyone and every pregnancy is different. 

Can you still be pregnant if 3 pregnancy tests have all been negative?

i know i took two tests and i was pregnant

What does multigravidae mean?

a woman who has been pregnant two or more times

Do your breasts get hard during the first month or two when pregnant?

I have been pregnant on two occassions. On both occassions the first signs of pregnancy were sore breasts.

Where are the first two settings in the film a in midsummer nights dream?

Which film are you talking about? There have been several films made of this play.

How long have you been pregnant after you miss your period?

It depends on your cycle. Ovulation occurs two weeks before menstruation and it can take up to two weeks for the zygote to implant itself, by the time you are due to menstruate you've likely only been pregnant for a few days. Unless you track your cycles you can't really know how long you've been pregnant.

I have been living in the same house as my father in law for three years how many nights out and trips with my mates am I 'owed'?

Unless the two of you made a prior agreement, you aren't 'owed' any nights out or trips with your mates. Maybe the two of you could have a discussion and come to an agreement.

How many nights are in 48 hours?


Can you marinate a turkey for two nights?


Can you get pregnant in two days?

can you be pregnant within two days.

How soon after conception can you test for pregnancy?

i found out i was pregnant when i was two weeks pregnant with both of my kids. but if you think you are and its been two weeks and it says negative wait another week then take another.

Could you still be pregnant if you had a late miscarriage and you have been trying to get pregnant and you had intercourse two weeks ago and then had a normal period and a pregnany test was negative?


Did Jesus spend 3 nights in the grave?

No. Jesus spent only two nights in the grave - Friday and Saturday nights. He rose early on Sunday morning.

If you throw up the day after sex is that a sign that I am pregnant I am to young to be but he used a condom and pulled it out before he let off I need an answer please?

No, that doesn't mean your pregnant. But being pregnant MAY be a possibility. Some people get very nauseas after sex especially if it is their first time. If I was you, I would wait atleast a week until I take a pregnancy test because being pregnant doesn't show up in tests for a week or two after you had the sex. If it's positive... set up an appointment with your doctor to see whether you really are pregnant. You know... you can't really trust the at home pregnancy tests anymore.

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Is it true you can feel the umbilical cord above your bellybutton when pregnant?

I have been pregnant two times and have yet to feel the umbilical cord above my belly button.

Is Nigella Lawson pregnant?

As of May 31, 2014, it appears that Nigella Lawson is not pregnant. Nigella has been married twice and has two children from her first marriage.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Tale of the Boy and Two Nights - 2014?

The cast of The Tale of the Boy and Two Nights - 2014 includes: Anup Sharma as Man

What is the medical term meaning many pregnancies?

Nulligravida refers to a woman who has never been pregnant (or gravida 0).Primigravida refers to a woman who is pregnant for the first time or who has been pregnant once — in other words, from the time a woman gets pregnant the first time until she gets pregnant the second time, she can be referred to as a Primigravida (or gravida 1).Multigravida means a woman who is currently pregnant or who has been pregnant two or more times (gravida 2, gravida 3, etc.)