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put conditioner on the blode exstensions it will create a barrier between the hair and the color that comes out when you wash very careful and rinse it good because most exstensions tend to be extremely porous and will suck up any colr that hits them.good luck!! -loveangiex3 hi the name is angie and i sell super awesome human hair extensions at a good price on this site add me to your myspace! thanks loveangiex3

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Where do you find a wild monferno in Pokemon platinum?

There is no wild Monferno.You can only get Monferno by picking Chimchar as your starter and evolving it.

How do you get a piplup without picking it as your starter?

You can use a AR code or if you know anyone who has diamond/pearl/platinum who picked piplup have them breed it or clone it & trade it to you.

What types of jobs do migrant workers have?

grape picking,pacha picking,fig picking,cotton picking,buck barley,harvest crops,picking peas.

Is picking an adverb?

No, the word picking is not an adverb.The word picking is a noun and a verb.

Is picking an adjective?

Possibly, as in the term picking machine (agricultural), although this may be a noun adjunct.Picking is the present participle of the verb (to pick) and may be a verb form, participial, or noun (e.g. picking a team, picking cotton, picking your nose, picking through trash).

What types of jobs did migrant workers of the 1930's have?

grape picking, peach picking, fig picking, cotton picking, buck barley, harvest crops, picking peas

How do you ripen strawberries after picking?

You cant Ripen them after picking

How do you get HM no fog on Pokemon platinum?

It's called Defog, and you get it by going to the bottom of Solaceon Ruins, and picking up the items. To work it out of battle, you must have the Fen Badge from Wake in Pastoria City.

What are example sentence of a word picking?

Quit picking your nose.

When was Sherwood Picking born?

Sherwood Picking was born in 1890.

When did Sherwood Picking die?

Sherwood Picking died in 1941.

Is picking a religion like picking a sports team?

mabye or not

Can your teacher stop staring at you and picking on you?

If the teacher is staring at you, stare right back at them. If they are picking on you, ask them why they are picking on you and do everything they say and when.

How do you use members card in Pokemon platinum on ds?

After picking up the Member Card you can go into the Harbor Inn which is in Canalave City and you'll be taken to Newmoon Island where is where you'll encounter the legendary Darkrai.

What is the Origin of phrase cotton-picking?

bugs bunny cartoons

Use picking in sentence?

I enjoy picking flowers when the weather is pleasant.

What nicknames does Jonti Picking go by?

Jonti Picking goes by Weebl.

Who has always picking on Grover at school?

Who was always picking of Grover at school

How do you get the oval stine to evolve happiny?

You can find the Oval Stone in the Lost Tower in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. Additionally Pokémon with the Pickup ability have a chance of picking it up if the Pokémon is Level 51 or higher.

When was Jonti Picking born?

Jonti Picking was born on May 17, 1975.

Is the probility of picking a prime number greater than picking a number that is not prime?


How many syllables does the word picking have?

picking has two syllables pick ing

Where do you find the shiny stone in Pokemon Platinum?

One can be found on Iron Island, and another on Route 228. They are also readily available with the Pickup ability, or can be Mystery Gifted from Pokétopia for 7200 Poké Coupons.With the ability pickup, a Pokemon at level 41-50 has a 3% chance of picking it up. With the ability pickup, a Pokemon at level 51-60 has a 5% chance of picking it up. With the ability pickup, a Pokemon at level 61-100 has a 10% chance of picking it up.

Does picking up a baby help you lose weight?

Sure, picking up a baby is exercise for the person picking them up, but don't spoil a baby by always picking them or you ruin them as an adult always wanting and doing whatever they have to to get it - no joke!

What is the different between sticking and picking of tablets?

Picking is advance state of sticking. Picking is more associated with the sticking within letters, logos, designs of punches.